6 new thrill coasters using cool tech features

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:51 PM, Jun 21, 2017

Nearly 150 million people will be getting their thrills at amusement parks this year and almost all of your favorite major parks are cutting the ribbon on new rides. If you're an adrenaline junkie looking to strap into a new thrill, Kristina Guerrero's got 3 new rides coming out that are guaranteed to make you scream with joy while using magnetic technology, 4-D displays, and jet skis!

1. Mystic Timbers – Mason, Ohio

This ride is King's Island's 4th wooden roller coaster. It's themed around a logging company that intended to just make timber, but ended up being haunted by something spooky…wooOOooo! The ride features a 98 foot drop, and if that doesn't get your goosebumps raising, you might be a ghost too..woooOOooo…

2. Wave Breaker – San Antonio, Texas

Wave Breaker makes you a part of the Sea World Rescue Team as your track races over land and water, wrapping you around crazy turns and launching you 60 feet in the air! Hang on, cute sea creatures!

3. The Joker 4D Free Fly – New England, Illinois, Texas

Six Flags' new DC inspired ride takes roller coaster technology to new heights – and might not be for cowardly coaster riders. Using magnetic technology, the ride's cars can flip multiple times while you're rolling through the track, 120 feet off the ground. 

4. Hydrus – Casino Pier, New Jersey

This coaster by the coast opened in May and has been slinging riders down a 97 degree drop since. A champion for small parks everywhere, Hydrus stands at 72 feet tall and is even better to ride at night when it's all lit up.

5. InvadR – Williamsburg, Virginia

A Viking themed ride, InvadR makes history as the first wooden coaster ever at Busch Gardens. The ride features a 74 foot plunge that reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. If you don't have a Viking yell, you'll find it on this ride.

6. Battle for Metropolis – Jackson, New Jersey

Not to be outdone by other parks, Six Flags is giving you another chance to take on villains from the DC Universe with this 4-D ride from Six Flags Great Adventure. Ride around in your crime stopping mobile and help the Justice League save Earth with your a laser gun (and some 4-D glasses).

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