6 Steps in Picking Out the Perfect Running Shoes

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:24 AM, Oct 5, 2016

With summer heat subsiding, you may be thinking about getting out for a job. To get started off on the right foot you must have a good foundation — in this case your kicks! Bradley Hasemeyer and Louie from Road Runner Sports have six important steps to pick out the perfect running shoes.

1.  Figure Out Your Style

Take few tests and ask yourself questions, like use, terrain, and weekly mileage you will be covering.

2.  Pressure Pad Test

This creates an image of your weight distribution and arches. That way you can pick an insole that evenly distributes your weight for extra comfort.

3.  Go a Show Size Up

Always go a thumbs width between the edge of your foot and the edge of the shoe. This will help accommodate with swelling of the foot as you're exercising.

4.  Gait Analysis

This measures the motion of your feet as you walk. Using the data from this test will help you pick out the perfect level of cushioning for your shoe.

5.  Pick Out a Pair

Use the above data you’ve gathered from following the above steps to pick out the perfect match for you.

6.  Test Drive

The final step is to see how they feel on a treadmill. If the shoes feel good, then you're ready to get out and run.

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