6 things in your trash you can sell for cash

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:28 PM, Jun 28, 2017

If you're reading this article before you take out the trash – stop right there! You're about to toss out free money! No joking, you can sell actual trash and make a profit for it. Are your garbage bags filled with toilet paper rolls? Bottle caps? Broken crayons? Jimmy Rhoades has the secret for how to turn that pile of trash into a pile of cash.

1. Cardboard Paper Rolls

Don't just toss out those cardboard rolls when you're done with them! A set of 50 toilet paper rolls can go for as much as $19 – that's a lot of cash to be made for just doing your business…or maybe get your cat to help you…

2. Egg Cartons

Eat a lot of eggs? Turn that protein in to green by saving your egg cartons. A set of 25 egg cartons can grab you $18. Crack a few eggs; make a few bucks.

3. Plastic Bottle Caps

Before putting your plastic bottles in the recycling, save those caps! If you collect 100 caps, you can sell them for $8. The hydration you'll be getting however: priceless.

4. Old Crayons

If you've got old crayons you don't use or broken crayons your keep stepping on, collect four pounds of them and you could make $20! One man's broken crayons are another man's treasure, after all.

5. iPhone Boxes

iPhone, Andriod; whatever your electronic device box, you can sell it! You might even get $8 for it, which you can put towards the next phone you'll probably be getting in the next year or two.

6. Starbucks Bags

If you run on Starbucks, you probably have more than a few of their designer brown paper bags. They sell on eBay for an average of $1 a bag. Your Starbucks fix might soon pay for itself…

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