7 Girl Scout Cookie & Wine Pairings You Must Try!

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Posted: 4:50 PM, Feb 8, 2018

If you love cheese and wine pairings, then wait until you mix Girl Scout cookies with wine! Girl Scout cookie season is the most wonderful time of the year for a lot of us, and what better way to indulge than to accompany them with a bottle of your favorite vino. Here's a list of our favorite pairings. 

1. Thin Mints and Pinot Noir 

We all know chocolate plus wine equals perfection. But when it comes to Thin Mints, their rich peppermint flavor will fit in perfectly next to the bold, yet smooth touch of a Pinot Noir. Not a fan? Another good option for these chocolaty crispy wafers is a nice Merlot. 

2. Tagalongs and Cabernet Sauvignon 

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world's most recognized red wines. For this bad boy, we're choosing Tagalongs (also known as peanut butter patties) as its perfect partner. The wine's robust taste perfectly complement the cookies' peanut butter and chocolaty coating. 

3. Do-si-dos and Merlot 

Peanut butter is the star of the show when it comes to Do-si-dos, so the perfect pairing is a smooth Merlot. The wine often has a "plummy taste" and notes of chocolate, which will match the crunchy oatmeal sandwich cookie's creamy peanut butter filling. 

4. Trefoils + Riesling 

Trefoils are known to be simple but delightful. These delicate-tasting shortbread cookies would pair amazingly with Riesling — which conjures a flowery, almost perfume-like aroma. The duo is likely to leave you with a delicious, lingering, tangy flavor. 

5. Lemonades and Pinot Grigio 

If you're feel like tasting the summertime, then this pair is just for you. Lemonades' slight hint of lemon is so refreshing, that it will complement perfectly next to a Pinot Grigio. It is the second most popular white wine in America, known for its punchy acidity and flavors of lemons, limes, green apples and honeysuckle. Pucker up! 

6. Samoas and Malbec 

Both Samoas and Malbec wine are crowd pleasers, so it only made sense to pair them together. The crisp cookies, also known as caramel delites, are coated in caramel — but it's their coconut sprinkles that make a tantalizing accent to the wine's variety of juicy fruit flavors. 

7. S'mores and Zinfandel 

What could be better to the classic flavor of s'mores than Zinfandel. The wine has such a pleasing, sweet taste. But not too sweet that it will overwhelm the graham sandwich cookies and their creamy chocolate and marshmallowy filling. Is your mouth watering yet? 

If you feel like a kid on Christmas morning when you're open a box of Girl Scout cookies, then imagine how you'll feel combining that these treats with the perfect wine to match. 

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