7 Netflix Movies & Shows to Binge Watch in July 2016

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By: Teresa Strasser | Elyse Johnson Posted: 4:45 PM, Jul 19, 2016

Every month streaming services add new shows and movies… That's exciting… And subtract them… That's sometimes painful! Teresa Strasser has the list of titles coming, and going this July, that you don't want to miss. So here are some important reasons not to leave the house this hot summer!

1.  The Big Short on Netflix

Turn on the A.C. and turn up the heat with Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale. The Big Short isn't just eye candy, it was nominated for five Oscars including 2015s Best Picture. And it'll give you a little history lesson into the 2008 financial crisis. It’s based on the book by Michael Lewis and centers on a group of guys who predicted the housing bubble would burst and bet on it.

2.  Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix

If that wasn't enough motivation to stay on the couch, Netflix has more from another best-selling author, and the king of motivation, Tony Robbins. “I Am Not Your Guru” goes behind the scenes to show participants transformations at his mega event date with destiny.

3.  Straight Outta Compton on HBO

Netflix isn't the only streaming service bringing the heat. Starting July 16th, HBO will offer what the Twitterverse called the biggest snub in the 2016 best picture category, “Straight Outta Compton.”

Even more urgent than seeing the new arrivals, is checking out some classics that are saying goodbye this July.

4.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

5.  The Piano

6.  Kill Bill Volume 1

7.  Kill Bill Volume 2

Summer means sun damage, bees, and a lot of sweating, so stay inside with these binge worthy shows and movies!

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