7 Online Games That Could Be Your New Side Gigs

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 8:09 PM, Oct 9, 2017

Ever wonder what it's like to run a million dollar business? You might not be able to risk it all in real life, but you can be the head of one of your favorite companies – without even having to go back to college! We found 7 games you can play online that will put you in charge of picking up rides, rolling out airplanes and slinging burgers, without having to quit your day job.

1. The Uber Game

In this text-based game, you're a full-time Uber driver in San Francisco embarking on their ride-sharing journey. How much cash can you make in one week of driving? You'll find out as you get to make crucial Uber decisions like which car is the best for your routes, what accessories should you buy – you even get to choose if you'll wait for a late customer or hit the road.

By the end of the game, your choices and profits will be measured against your costs to see if you made it to your $1000 mortgage mark – or less, or more – in one week. Do you have what it takes to hit the road with Uber? Find out by playing the game here.

2. Grab Them by the Eyes

This quick, 8-bit style game will give you a look at what it's like to compete for customers on a busy street corner. You play Jay, the owner of a long-standing burger stand, who now has to compete against two millennial kids that moved onto your territory and their newfangled marketing techniques.

You'll get 7 days to amp up your burger stand sign and make more cash by attracting more customers. Decide what elements of your sign will draw in more people like awesome effects, and funny marquee lines – then hand design them, turn by turn, to get more people at your stand than at your competitor's. If you end the 7 days with more customers than the teens, you win! Get to burger slingin' here!

3. Corporation Inc.

See if you could do a better job than your company's head honcho by playing Corporation Inc. This funny game puts you in charge of building a multimillion dollar company from the ground up – literally! You get to build and upgrade offices, add elevators and fire poles (for efficiency), even decide how many bathrooms your building needs (they are important)!

Once you get the groundwork laid, pick how many workers you'll have: from IT people to janitors to researchers, even mean old supervisors who "motivate" workers for extra cash. Keep your office decorated with plants, vending machines, gyms, and office cats (yup) to keep your workers happy; then watch your company grow off of their happiness – and your revenue. Answer the call of the workforce here!

4. Theme Hotel

Before you think about turning your place into an Air B&B, try your hand at running a hotel with Theme Hotel. This game lets you build a hotel from the ground up. You'll start by placing rooms, and fun areas like laundry and workout spaces, then hire your maids, maintenance, and wait staff, and let the tourists flood in!

Keep an eye on your reviews and aim for 5 stars to keep building your hotel and adding the stuff visitors like  – without hurting your bottom line (or missing out on any loans). Can you become the next hotel owner mogul? Find out by starting your hotel business here!

5. Recordshop Tycoon

If you've ever dreamed of opening your own record store, this is the game for you. Recordshop Tycoon takes you through all the hardcore steps of opening a house of music, from picking a location, picking your stock, and building up your store. How will you get people to come in – with lots of records or with a sweet DJ booth? Will you hire a marketing manager to reach the kids, or will you run your shop the old school way?

You call all the shots with this build-em-up game. Stock your store with the records you want to sell, draw the customers in, and get to jammin'! See if you can hit that sweet, high-revenue note by playing the game here.

6. The McDonald's Video Game

Think you could run a billion dollar restaurant business better than some suits and Ronald McDonald? Prove it with La Mollleindustria's McDonald's Video Game. A long time internet favorite, this visually entertaining game lets you run McDonald's and make all the important decisions that come with fries on the side.

You'll start by deciding how many plots of land you'll buy for soy growing and cows to pasture. Then you'll hire and discipline employees, weigh in on ingredient choices; even talk to your marketing department about how you can sell more food with kid's meals and nutrition facts. As game play continues, you'll get to decide what stays and who goes at your locations. How long will you get to be in charge of the fast-food giant? Find out by starting your McDonald's business here.

7. Now Boarding

Don't you hate getting stuck waiting for flights at the airport? See how much better you could run an airline with Now Boarding. In this game, you get to pick your hub city for your airport, your fleet of planes, and your gate and flight crews; then try to appease passengers looking to get to their destinations and back. Pick routes for your planes and get your flyers to the right place, without making them angry.

Will you be able to keep your flyers from jumping ship to another airline? See if you'll give Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines a run for their money by getting into the airline business here.

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