8 brilliant divorce cakes on Instagram you have to see

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Posted: 8:29 PM, Apr 14, 2017

You've probably heard of a wedding cake, but have you heard of a divorce cake? It's one of the hottest things right now, where along with papers a hilarious cake is also being served. Not only is this hot baking trend bringing light to a serious situation, but it's also getting a major following on Instagram, with good reason. We’ve gathered the top eight you have to see so get ready to say “I DO” to DIVORCE CAKES!

1.  Sometimes when you've been pushed enough it's best to push back, with a SWEET cake!


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2.  This was done by a daughter supporting her mom going through a divorce. Guess she's not a daddy's girl?

3.  Sometimes it's best to just spell it out.

4.  Looks like he feels his ex is more heels over head for him. OUCH!


It's not me…it's you!!! 😂 My first divorce cake😆 #Patycakes #yolo #divorcecake

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5. She is really done, and it looks like he is as well!

6. No marriage counselor could have help with this one.


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7. We know the first place this guy hit up after the divorce. #DollarBills


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8. Sometimes the FORCE just isn't strong enough and you have to use the DIVORCE.

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