8 Crazy Twists on Junk Food Favorites

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By: Travis Oscarson Posted: 4:56 PM, Jan 18, 2017

Most of us love junk food even though we feel guilty after eating it. You won't feel quite as bad after watching these viral videos by HellthyJunkFood. They are taking some of our favorite unhealthy treats and giving them a twist that will have you salivating.

Here are eight of the craziest recipes they've come up with:

1.  Giant Chicken McNugget

2.  Pizza Inside a Pizza

3.  Giant Burger King Onion Ring

4.  DIY Giant Grilled Cheese

5.  DIY Macaroni and Cheetos

6.  Spaghetti Grilled Cheese Sandwich

7.  DIY In-N-Out 6×6 Animal Style Burger

8.  Giant French Fry

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