8 Spooky Food Ads to Get You Scared (& Hungry)

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 3:47 PM, Oct 18, 2017

October 31st might about candy, but a few of your favorite candy brands are putting the "Ahh!" back in H-ahh!-lloween. Four candy giants are ditching their old, cheesy Halloween commercials for ads that'll make you jump – and they aren't the only brands doing it. Get ready to get scared this Halloween with 8 of the spookiest food ads out there, delivering spooks faster than you can say "boo".

1. "The Road" – M&Ms

We've all seen this scary movie set-up: The Dad takes the kids out for a historic Halloween spook; one kid is a scaredy cat, and the other loves the creepy stuff. But you'll never guess what happens with this "Bite Size Horror" from M&Ms – and when it happens, you'll feel the mega sized, classic horror chills.

2. "Eat the Ice Cream" – Halo Top Ice Cream

In a world where humans have disappeared, at least Halo Top ice cream survives…and is served by unfeeling robots in scary white rooms…with no word of our loved ones…but, hey, ice cream!

3. "Floor 9.5" – Skittles

Know anyone who's afraid of getting stuck on an elevator? Then don't show them this spooky ad from Skittles that shows there are scarier things to fear on an elevator ride – especially if you press the wrong button.

While the scary, longform ad is a new venture for Skittles, they're no newbies when it comes to spooky commercials like this one that'll make you laugh, but also make you leave the light on tonight.

4. "Escape 60" – KFC

Anyone that loves throwback spooks in black and white will dig the creepy vibes from this KFC commercial from the late 1960's. Between the spooky hands beckoning housewives into scary tunnels, crazed cuckoo calls, and scenes of women running with frenzy, this old ad will give you Hitchcock dreams – or nightmares!

And if the images aren't psychothriller spooky enough for you, the whole, cooped-up-housewives trope might do the trick.

5. "Replacement" – Starburst

What makes a scary movie even scarier? Children in masks. Don't believe us? You might after you watch this Starburst ad featuring a little boy and the ultimate creepy visitor…

6. "Eyes Scream" – Little Baby's Ice Cream

I scream; you scream; we'll all scream after watching this ad by Little Baby's Ice Cream, a terrifying play on the ice cream song we all sang in elementary school. The narrator might be talking about the deliciousness of the brand's ice cream, but that's still no distraction from the terrifying ice cream faces that will probably haunt your dreams.

But, if you were brave enough to make it all the way through this creepy commercial, test your creepy resistance with the other super strange Little Baby's ads that might make you look at ice cream a little differently…

7. "Grocery Store Lady" – Snickers

You can get creeped out (and maybe never go fishing again) by watching Snickers' newest mini horror flick ad on Adweek.com; but the popular candy has always had its finger on the pulse of creepy/funny, as seen in this hilarious and terrifying ad from 2010, featuring a particularly strange lady at a local grocery store that really, really, loves Snickers.

8. "Wake Up to the King" – Burger King

Okay, so maybe at first glance, this doesn't seem like the spookiest ad on our list, but we were actually terrified by it when the commercial first aired back in 2009. There you are, just lying in your bed, waking up on a regular morning; when all of a sudden, there's a giant masked king in your house? How did he get there? What did he put in that sandwich? How long as the sandwich been out for???

To us, that's the stuff of nightmares.

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