9 Christmas Ornaments for All Your Favorite Things

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 10:57 PM, Nov 20, 2017

According to psychology experts, putting up holiday decorations makes you happy because they remind you of the holiday magic you felt as a kid. So if your mood can lighten up with any decorations, imagine how much better you'll feel when you've got ornaments that totally get you! Whether you love fast food, booze, tech, even Halloween, we've got 9 unconventional Christmas ornaments that you're going to want on your tree.

1. Your Favorite Foods Go In Your Tum-Tum

Just because avocado toast and egg sandwiches aren't typical holiday foods, that doesn't mean you can't still show your love for them on your Christmas tree! Retail company Sur La Table knows you love spoiling yourself with Prosecco, hot sauce, steak, and more, so spoil your tree with them too!

You can grab these tasty-enough-to-eat ornaments from the Sur La Table website. The ornaments come in every price range for every kind of food fanatic, from $10 avocado ornaments to $13 Parmesan cheese ornaments, $15 egg toast ornaments, and $20 sprinkled donut and bacon package ornaments!

2. Ring-le Bells

Do you or someone you know have a hard time putting that smartphone down, even at holiday dinner? Celebrate your love for your iPhone by putting it up on your tree! This awesome, solid wood ornament not only looks just like the world's favorite phone, it also features your favorite apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more! Not to mention it comes with a fully charged battery – not even real iPhones come with that!

Answer the call of this iPhone ornament and pick it up from Etsy for around $17.

3. Frosty the Groomed-Man

If you love to look your best for Christmas, make sure your tree looks its best too with these good-lookin' grooming ornaments from creative retailer Michaels. You can make sure your tree is well "trimmed" with this electric shaver glass ornament, or give your tree this season's hottest blowout with their super stylish hairdryer ornament. Both go for around $5 and can be found on the Michaels website.

4. Oh, Power Outlet, Oh, Power Outlet…

Don't you hate it when you decorate your tree's Christmas lights perfectly, only to find that the light plug won't reach your outlet? Well now you can have a little reminder to inch your tree closer to the wall this year with this electrical outlet ornament! While it won't power your lights, this ornament will definitely make you giggle while you untangle those Christmas light strings that have been in a ball since last year.

Grab this smart Christmas ornament from Etsy for around $12.

5. Fidget Around the Christmas Tree

One of the biggest toys of the year can now be a part of your Christmas decor. If you're one of the millions of people that are obsessed with fidget spinners, pick up this wooden spinner ornament from Etsy for around $17!

The best thing about this ornament – after Christmas ends, the ornament can double as your newest distraction from socializing with the in-laws!

6. Oh, Holy 2017, The Trends Are So Lit

Fidget spinners were one of the top trends of 2017, but you can also give the lingo trends of 2017 one last hoorah by adding them to your Christmas decor. If hand painted wooden ornaments make you "holla!", grab this "Happy Holla Days" ornament from Etsy for around $12. If you love "gettin' lit" with your friends and family around the holidays, show your love for liquid refreshment by with this $12 "Let's Get Lit" ornament, decorated with Christmas lights for added punny fun.

And if anyone gives you a tough time for how excited about decorating you might be, just show them this simple ornament that shows off just how festive you are – but if Grandma asks what those last two letters stand for, just tell her it means "Festive 'as fudge'". We're positive she'll believe you. Get mad festive with this ornament, also going for $12.

7. This is Halloween…

If you love Halloween as much as (or more than) you love Christmas, put your great holiday loves together with Spencer's Gifts' scary movie themed ornaments! You can give a shout out to horror movie classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the site's $13 chainsaw ornament or give your tree a little spook with their $13 haunted house ornament.

The site also features mummy, evil snowman, gargoyle ornaments, and more, anything you need to add a little holiday scare to your decor.

8. Your Favorite Drink in a Pear Tree

Know someone who loves to celebrate the holidays with a drink in hand? Get a drink for their tree too with these mini drink bottle ornaments! For the lovers of bourbon out there, there's the Kurt Adler Bourbon bottle ornament set that features 3 classic bourbon bottles for you to add to your tree – one's even been aged 18 years, for you bourbon snobs out there. Show your love for the brown stuff by grabbing the set for around $18.

If you're more of a beer fan, you can still deck the halls with a classic party bring-along: the 6 pack of Bud Light. This ornament will definitely get the tree decorating party started, and while it won't get you buzzed, it will definitely make you laugh. Pick up this Kurt Adler six pack from Amazon for around $11.

9. Deck Your Beard With Lots of Ornaments

Last, but certainly not least, if you've got facial hair and you want to look your most festive this holiday season, you've got to check out Beardaments – literal ornaments for your beard. The company sells 12 packs of classic Christmas ornaments that come with mini clips to hang on to your beard all holiday party long. They'll clip on your beard, mustache, even your sideburns, to give you a jolly Christmas look that no one will forget.

And ladies, don't think these ornaments are just for men! You can also decorate your hair with them, giving that ponytail or braid an extra pop of Christmas magic. Head to the Beardaments website to grab your 12 piece pack, which will run you around $12.

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