9 Fun & Surprising Minimalist Facts

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By: Donna Ruko | Jessica Robertson Posted: 7:52 PM, Feb 10, 2017

Just like Steve Martin's character in The Jerk, we all seem to want more. In fact, 300,000 – that's the average number of total items in an American home! You can cut that by 90 percent by becoming a minimalist. Donna Ruko has eight fun facts about this trendy lifestyle.

1.  Wasted Items

$1.2 trillion a year is spent on buying nonessential items in the U.S. alone!

2.  Cleaning

The average hours we spend cleaning each week is around 18!

3.  12-12-12

This challenge can help you minimize. Find out more HERE!

4.  Big Money

The average woman will spend around $125,000 on clothes and accessories in a lifetime.

5.  Shopping

The number of years most women will spend shopping over their lifetime is eight!

6.  Laundry

Per family around 65pounds of laundry a week are washed & and the same amount thrown away every year.

7.  Project 333

Minimalist Courtney Carver started Project 333 to help kill our craving for clothing. That is reducing your wardrobe to 33 items for three months.

8.  Storage

The average in America on storage expenses each year is $1,000.

9.  More Storage

The U.S. has 58,000 storage facilities! That's more than twice the number of Starbucks worldwide.

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