9 Tech Products You Had in the ’90s

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By: Jaime Purvis Posted: 4:51 PM, Jul 5, 2016

The 1990s were all about technology becoming available for all. Before this decade, cell phones and computers were only used by big companies or wealthy business people. In the '90s, even kids were able to get their hands on some of it. Here are nine '90s products your probably had. 

1. Pagers

You probably can still hear the beeping noise your pager made. You would send out numbered codes or phone numbers to get in touch with someone. The first paging system was used by doctors in the New York area in 1950. Users paid $12 a month to reach people within a 25-mile radius of the transmission tower. Pagers became most popular in the mid-1990s as the technology became cheaper. Today, pagers are still being used by doctors and in other niche professions. 

2. HitClips

HitClips were the coolest way to listen to music in the '90s, but you could only listen to the first minute of the song. Kids had keychains filled with HitClips discs. It was kind of like collecting Pokemon cards. At recess, kids would pass around their songs and have mini dance parties. 

HitClips were first distributed as a toy in your McDonalds Happy Meal. They released music from *NSYNC and Britney Spears. That's when the concept went more mainstream. HitClips makers, Tiger Electronics, created a licensing deal with major record labels. Over 100 songs were released, each one on their own tiny disc.

3. Discman/Walkman

You remember your first Discman, the best way to listen to your favorite CD! The Discman was created in 1984, but everyone had one in the '90s! Even with the anti-skip technology, your CD still skipped.

4. Tamagotchi

Whether your parents let you have a real pet or not, you had a Tamagotchi pet! Sure, your probably forgot to feed them from time to time, but you always wanted another one. 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom tried to bring the fad back! They each wore Tamagotchis as part of their outfit at the Met Gala this year.

5. Floppy Discs

Before USBs and Dropbox, you stored your school projects and other important documents on a Floppy Disc. I remember having a collection of discs that came in a bunch of cool colors. They came out on the market in the '70s, but became widely used in the '90s because they were more affordable and had more storage space. 

6. Game Boy Color

In 1998, the Game Boy Color hit the market changing the way we gamed. As its name suggests, the Game Boy Color featured a color screen. The device itself was also colorful; iIt came in Grape, Kiwi, Berry, Dandelion and Teal. I rocked the Kiwi one and it's probably hiding in my closet somewhere. You might remember it ran on two AA batteries, now we plug our devices in the wall. Kids these days might not even know what batteries are used for!  

Nintendo stopped selling the Game Boy Color when they came out with their improved Game Boy Advanced system. You can still buy a Game Boy Color today on Amazon, but it's gonna cost you a pretty penny. 

7. Mobile Phone

Your cell phone now was nothing like your mama's phone. They became most popular in the '90s and looked more like the landline. '90s mobile phones were chunky and heavy, but you never had to worry about cracking your screen. Texting wasn't mainstream until the early 2000s.  

8. The Original iMac

Your iMac in the '90s didn't look sleek or high-tech, like it does now. Back then, it came in a bunch of different colors and looked like an awkward triangle. Apple released the iMac G3 in 1998. The iMacs were known for their all-in-one design. 

9. PDA tablets

No, not public displays of affection! PDA stood for personal digital assistant back in the '90s. The most popular PDA was the Palm Pilot. The first Palm Pilot was created in 1996 by Palm Computing. If you were a businessman in the '90s you probably had one of these to schedule appointments and keep all those important contacts in one place. 

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