A “Very Cool Spring Break Video” We Can All Relate To

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 11:16 PM, Apr 3, 2018

Spring Break for some kids falls in March, and for some it's in April, but when they're old enough to drink, it starts looking a lot like today's video. YouTuber and viral video creator Gus Johnson may not look quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day, but it doesn't stop him from taking full advantage of Spring Break. 

In his "Very cool Spring Break Video," Gus walking around the beach while showing off some summertime swag. And even though he gets rejected to a game of volleyball, and as a potential life guard, he still manages to keep that cool-dude pep in his step. 

If you've graduated from Spring Break, but still pine for those days, make sure to watch the entire hilarious clip below. 

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