Across America: 3 healthy(-ish), gourmet stadium eats

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By: Lindsey Granger | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 8:53 PM, Sep 5, 2017

Let's face it, as much as we love going to sports games to cheer on our favorite team, we also love going to eat crazy delicious food. Stadium food gets better and better each season and Lindsey Granger is showing you 3 sports venues that are offering high quality, even healthy(-ish) eats you're bound to cheer for.

1. Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

D-backs fans in Phoenix will be raving about the stadium's newest gourmet sandwich, the Bacon-wrapped pretzel baguette. Playing off a stadium favorite, Chase Field chefs took a pretzel, covered it with bacon, and stuffed it with black forest ham and Swiss cheese, plus honey mustard and jalapeno ranch – yum – all your favorites wrapped into one.

If sandwiches or meat aren't your food thing, Chase Field added another option, just for you: the Sonoran Vegan Burger. This burger features soy chorizo topped with chipotle vegan mayo, cowboy caviar, vegan pepper Jack cheese, and guac on a wheat bun. Trick your taste buds into diving into a burger that's (kind of) good for you!

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2. Mile High Stadium – Denver, CO

Chefs at the Denver Broncos' house are making healthy burger options tastier with their new Blitz Burger. The burger features two, locally sourced, all natural beef patties, topped with American cheese and Broncos-brand Bacon Onion jam, found only at Mile High Stadium.

Fans will be able to pair their burger with new Garlic Parm Ranch fries, and wash it down with a new beer, made just for Broncos fans. The United in Orange 2.0 Pale Ale is brewed with orange juice and orange peels, making cheering on the Orange and Blue even more refreshing.

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3. The Bradley Center – Milwaukee, WI

Food at The Bradley Center is being stepped up a notch too, as we can see with their new Chick n' Waffle, a fried chicken strip sandwich, covered in maple bacon syrup with strips of bacon on top, and served in a waffle cone. What? There's also a buffalo sauce variety with slaw and celery, but we were already had at bacon – stop right there.

If sandwiches aren't your thing, maybe you'll be more interested in their Stuffed Jalapeno Brat, not to be confused with a bratwurst stuffed with jalapenos – the Bradley Center offering features a giant jalapeno, stuffed with a brat and put on a pretzel bun. What?? Don't ask us how they did it…all we know is we want to eat it.

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