Across America: 3 movie set homes you can visit!

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 5:52 PM, Sep 1, 2017

If you watched A Christmas Story, Ghostbusters, or Nights in Rodanthe, and thought, "Man, I'd love to hang out at that house," now you can! The 3 famous residences from these movies are coming alive and you can relive your favorite moments from the films by visiting them! Jared Cotter is taking you through a tour of the coolest movie houses you can see in real life!

1. A Christmas Story, – Cleveland, Ohio

Get into the Christmas spirit all year round by visiting Ralphie's house in Ohio! The famous home has been turned into a museum to let you remake all of your favorite Christmas Story moments. You can even rent out the house and live like your favorite Christmas siblings, in any season!

2. The Ghostbusters Firehouse – Tribeca, New York

Live out your dreams as a member of the Ghostbusters by visiting their headquarters in New York City! Fun Fact: The Hook & Ladder Company 8 Firehouse was chosen for the film because writer and star Dan Aykroyd thought the building would look right in the Ghostbusters film, so the crew shot exterior shots of it for the movie. The firehouse even made a return appearance in the film's 2016 reboot, and was also featured in the movie Hitch and an episode of Seinfeld!

3. The Nights in Rodanthe Beach House – Rodanthe, North Carolina

You might want to bring a friend to catch you because you'll be swooning when you visit the Inn at Rodanthe, better known as the beach house featured in romance film Nights in Rodanthe. If you really feel the love in the air, you can rent the beach house for a weekend getaway or a trip with the kids. Just make sure you plan ahead – reservations for the house can be booked out for up to a year!

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