Things to Do This Summer 2018: 3 Best Adult Summer Camps in the U.S.

Across America
Posted: 12:43 PM, Jul 11, 2018 Updated: 12:46 PM, Jul 11, 2018

Looking for things to do this summer 2018? Consider partying at  adult summer camps!  For children, summer camps are filled with games, laughter, and scary campfire stories. But for grown-ups, it’s a weekend of booze, dancing and bigger, even more over-the-top games. Here are our picks for our favorite adult summer camps, across America. 

1. Camp No Counselors at Locations Nationwide 

Play like a kid and party like a grown-up! That’s the motto at Camp No Counselors, an all-inclusive, weekend-long sleepaway camp for adults. Their packages include lodging, food, an open bar, nightly parties and tons of old-school camp activities like wheel barrow races and human Hungry Hungry Hippos. There’s still time to register for August dates. Prices for the four-day campout start at around $575. 

2. Epic Nerd Camp in Starrucca, Pennsylvania  

Next up is a “campvention” for anyone 21 and over who enjoys gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. The Epic Nerd Camp in Starrucca, Pennsylvania features tons of live action role-playing games that will let you channel your inner Jedi, Harry Potter, and Little Mermaid. They also have tons of tabletop games, and  lessons for circus tricks. And to really take you back, you’ll share cabins with other campers in bunk beds. Sounds perfect for nerds looking for things to do this summer 2018!

Camp dates are August 15th through the 19th. Prices start at around $600.  

3. Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin  

Finally, we bring you a private retreat that’s a collection of minimalist cabins and amenities that you can rent using AirBnb. Camp Wandawega will turn your weekend getaway with friends into an old-school summer camp. You can create your list of activities that take place in and around their private beach, canoes, horseshoes, shuffle boards, campfires, bars, and much more. 

Cabin rental prices start at around $550 a night and can go up to $650. Their prices can be divided up amongst your friends. 


Who needs hide and seek when you can go hide and drink! These adult camps are guaranteed to make this summer your best one yet. And now you’ve three ideas for things to do this summer 2018.


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