Advent Calendars 2018: 6 Fun Advent Calendars for Kids, Adults & Dogs

By: Cassarah Coffey | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:28 AM, Nov 27, 2018 Updated: 10:31 AM, Nov 27, 2018

Advent calendars – there’s no more festive way to count down the days to Christmas than with a tiny surprise gift each day. To help you make your Christmas countdown more fun, The List is making a date with the most best advent calendars to get your hands on.

1. LEGO Advent Calendars 

Traditional advent calendars are full of delicious chocolates, but we’re trading sticky fingers for busy hands with LEGO ‘s advent calendars to your have kids building day by day. Each day, they’ll get pieces to build mini models and figures that add to their city scene collection. Some of their most popular include the LEGO City Advent Calendar, the LEGO Star Wars Calendar and the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar. They retail for about $30 at most major retailers. 

2. The English Tea Shop Advent Calendar

Tea lovers rejoice! This advent calendar will let you countdown to Christmas one sip at a time. The 24-day tea advent calendar by The English Tea Shop will let you try 13 different flavors of seasonal teas. Flavors include candy cane, peppermint melon and spicy pumpkin. It is available at World Market for about $7. 

3. 12 Days of Socks  

Wine advent calendars are so last year, so we say ditch getting boozy to get nice and cozy. Advent calendars featuring 12 days of socks are all the rage this year, especially those featuring your favorite shows and movies, like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and many more. You’ll want to sing when you hear these 12-day sock calendars are only $15 at Target. You’ll be styling and staying warm in holiday hosiery! 

4. Hatchimals Advent Calendar

Hatchimals are without a doubt one of the hottest toys of the season, so it was only fair they would come out with their very own advent calendar. Their 24-day calendar features 10 Hatchimals Colleggtibles, 12 accessories, four tiny presents and much more. In the end, kids can build the perfect winter scene straight out of Hatchtopia. The calendar is available at Kohl’s for $22.99.

5. Dog Treats Advent Calendar

And don’t forget about Fido who’s been a good boy all year! You can get your furry best friends their very own dog advent calendar, available at Trader Joe’s. They’re a bargain with 24 days of treats for about $6.  

6. Fisher-Price Little People

Here’s another advent calendar for your little ones. The Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar features 24 Little People friends and holiday-themed accessories. In the end, kids can build a Christmas scene to play with. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce your toddlers to numbers and counting. The calendar is available now for $35.99.


If you’re looking for fun advent calendars, now you’ve got six ways to build up the excitement!


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