Airplane Window Photography

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By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 8:23 AM, Jul 7, 2022

Among the most fun parts of flying — photographing your journey!  And a great photo from an airplane window can capture the excitement of the trip.  Best of all, almost anyone can do it.– ace lensman Curtis Smith shares tips on airplane window photography, for shutterbugs of any skill level.

First up:  Seat selection

Curtis says a clear view is the key; he recommends sitting forward of the airplane wing because that gives you the best view up and down.  And while exit rows are great for legroom, they’re photo-ruiners because the wing tends to be in your view.  He also suggests steering clear of the engines, because the heat can distort your photos.

Know your route

Knowing your route also helps you when you’re selecting your seat, because you can strategize the scenery you want to capture.   Curtis uses a website called, that shows the typical routes they take for particular flight numbers.  Bonus — it also tells you what type of plane they’re flying, which can also help you get the perfect ‘window on the world.’

And finally –  gear up

Happily, almost any camera including your smartphone will get you breathtaking results.   But the extras make the difference – the Camera Plus app for iPhone or ProCam-X for Android allow you to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and the ISO settings –and having that type of control can help bring those smartphone images up to the next level.

Taking our photo skills sky high, with airplane window photography