Airport Etiquette: 3 Friendly Travel Tips

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:08 PM, Nov 6, 2017

Even though the airport can be a crazy place to be this time of year, that doesn't mean you can forget about your manners. Lindsey Granger met up with author of Y'all Are Rude, Miss Lora, to get three courtesies we should all follow when traveling this holiday season.

1.  Parking Lots

There are over 50,000 accidents and 60,000 injuries each year at airport parking garages. You don't want to start your trip off with a crash so be kind and pay attention.

2.  Check-In Counters

Weigh your bag at home so there's no hidden surprises once you get to the airport. You'll never go over 50 pounds and be stuck trying to lighten your load while holding up the long line.

3.  Baggage Claim

This is one spot in the airport where people can be rude without realizing it. Make room so everyone can get to their bag. Just relax because your bag is on it's way.

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