Alien Insurance? 5 Weird Things You Can Insure

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:04 PM, Jan 5, 2018

It’s a risky world out there, and these days you can insure a lot more than your home, health or car. Here are some of the strangest policies you can purchase.

1. Beard and Mustache Insurance

Did you know every day thousands of men suffer beard-trimming accidents? Neither did we until we heard about SunLife Beard Insurance. Whether you’ve got a long Santa Clause-esque beard or a pencil-thin mustache, the U.K.-based company will cover your facial fuzz for about six dollars a month. Talk about getting out of a hairy situation!   

2. Food Poisoning Insurance

Day old deviled eggs and 99 cent store sushi can be dangerous! If a houseguest gets sick from anything you’ve served them, you might already be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Most policies will cover up to one thousand dollars in medical expenses, according to Bancorp Insurance via Now that’s news you can stomach!

3. Alien Abduction Insurance

The government just spent twenty-four million bucks researching UFOs, so it could happen, right? UFO abduction insurance company offers ten million dollars in coverage if you ever get beamed up to the Milky Way. Call us paranoid, but for just $9.95 a month we’d rather be safe than sorry!

4. Plants

Heaven forbid something happens to your hydrangeas! Many home insurance policies already cover damage done to landscaping around your property – which is especially helpful if you own any exotic botanicals. Ask your agent if you’re insured! You never know when a fire or snowstorm will make your plants go to pot.   

5. Yoga Class

Here’s how yogis can avoid getting bent out of shape. Yoga instructors can obtain liability insurance in case a student injures themselves in class. Since teaching yoga is such a hand-on profession, most policies also provide protection in the event of sexual harassment claims. Don’t let hot yoga land you in hot water!

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