Amazon Drop Shipping: 4 Tips to Make Money Selling Products Online

By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 7:15 PM, Mar 15, 2018

Amazon is great at making money. They earned $178 billion in net sales last year – and there's plenty of dough to go around for everyone. We spoke Lisa Knudson, seller of her own line of Café Crush Club products on Amazon, who showed us four ways to make money with drop shipping.


1. Keywords

First learn the basics of drop-shipping. First, keep in mind you’re not picking products – you're picking keywords with services like Keyword Inspector, Sonar, or MerchantWords. Picking the right keywords well help make your products more visible to potential buyers. “You can kind of test whether a product is gonna get traction, and if there's demand,” shares Lisa. For her, the data suggested she should sell coffee presses. Once you find a popular search, then you need the matching product. Which brings us to step two!


2. Select a Supplier

Second on our list is making sure to choose the right supplier. “I'm doing a branded product that I purchase overseas,” says Lisa. If you Google "drop shipping suppliers," you'll see a ton of options. Carefully consider the reviews – this is where mentorship can be crucial. “All kinds of businesses are helping Amazon sellers,” offers Lisa.  And if you don't have room in your driveway for a shipping container, no worries. Read on for step three!


3. Never Touch Your Inventory

Drop shipping from a supplier means you’ll never have to touch your inventory. “[An order] hits Long Beach, and I send it to Amazon warehouses,” explains Lisa. “They divide it up wherever they want it geographically, and they send it to the customer. They do all the heavy lifting.” But don’t think can just set it and forget it, you've still got a brand to protect – which brings us to our final step.


4. Keep Your Stats Aligned

Lastly, keeping customers happy is vital to your success! “You gotta check the star reviews,” Lisa urges. “You gotta check the comments. Providing customer care is the way to assure getting a 4.5 or above rating.” Feeding those stars is what'll keep you up at night. “It's a very common thing for Amazon sellers to be obsessively checking all that stuff. It becomes habit-forming,” adds Lisa. Make sure you’re stay on top of it!


If you're a self-motivated, lifelong learner, you can do this.


Not ready to dive into drop shipping? There's an easier way! Read our three tips to start selling your stuff on Amazon.


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