Amazon Shopping: 5 Crazy Things You Can Buy on Amazon

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Todd Covelli Posted: 8:12 PM, Jan 31, 2018

Amazon has pretty much conquered the world in all things shopping, tech and streaming. The retailer has even created its own community around reviews and quirky products. These no-name, random items have garnered an almost cult-like following. From DIY Chinese medicine, to motion-activated purse lights – Amazon offers many quirky items that sell under twenty bucks. We're taking a trip down the river of "Random-zon" with five weird and random – yet affordable – things you can buy on Amazon.


1. HaloVa Electronic Lighter



Lighting the top of our list is the HaloVa Electronic Lighter. This bad boy doesn't use any kind of fuel, and charges in less than two hours. The lighter also has an almost perfect five star rating. The HaloVa lighter is also good for eighty lights per charge, and will only burn twenty bucks from your wallet.


2. ProSource Acupressure Mat



Number two on our list is the ProSource Acupressure Mat. Yup, you read that right! The twenty dollar acupressure mat and pillow set claims to help reduce pain by lying on a bed of plastic "needles.” The product has mostly positive reviews, so it's working for some folks. We’re hoping these “needles” are less painful than foam rolling!


3. Reusable Produce Bags



These reusable produce bags will help you kick plastic for good. They're washable and colored-coded, so you'll never mix up your grapes with your avocados. These ten dollar bags are very popular, with a huge percentage of reviewers giving give stars. Talk about great way to go green with your greens!


4. Tung Brush



At number four, we're scrubbing away the gross with the Tung Brush. Did you know that ninety percent of bad breath comes from the tongue? No, we didn't! The manufacturers claim you can kick your dog breath to the curb in only ten seconds. Plus, the Tung Brush has some "pro" credentials and a whole bunch of positive reviews. At only ten dollars, it's a low-risk investment that could pay off big with your significant other.


5. Funky Sky Purse Light



Finally, light up your life with the Funky Sky Purse Light. With a name like that, it better work! This luminescent gadget earned mostly five star reviews. This motion activated light lets you find anything – and it turns off after only fifteen seconds. Ah, there are our keys!


From the useful to the quirky, these are four random yet affordable things you can buy on Amazon.


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