Amazon Tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on Amazon Shopping

Learn how to save money on Amazon orders! Amazon’s empire continues to grow, so it’s no surprise the company is looking for its second headquarters. As the retail giant expands, we’re looking for ways to save when shopping online. We spoke with money-saving blogger Kallie Branciforte who shares three hacks you can use to save money when shopping on Amazon.

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment


First on our list is a tactic called shopping cart abandonment. That’s right! Our expert Kallie says if you don’t need that item right away, just leave it in your cart. For example, if you’re thinking of buying your kid a brand new bicycle, just add it to your cart…and then abandon it! Our expert Kallie explains why this hack is a must-do: “Retailers hate to see that you thought about buying something and then you didn’t buy it – and Amazon is one of these.” After abandoning your would-be purchase, Kallie recommends waiting a week or two, and Amazon will likely notify you when that item has dropped in price – and then you can purchase at a discount!

2. Get Refunds with Earny



Earny helps you get a refund if the price drops after you purchase. Getting a refund usually involves a lot of confusing paperwork, so Earny acts as your personal assistant in this process. “Lots of credit cards will actually offer you cash back if the price of something you buy drops to a lower price within a certain amount of time, “ explains Kallie. “The Earny app does [the paperwork] for you, and it actually integrates right with Amazon. I ran [the app] for like a month on my Amazon account, and I saved like a $100 in cash back just by having the Earny app on.” Wow, it looks like it pays to use Earny!

3. Use Amazon Gift Cards



Gift cards can be an excellent way of saving money on Amazon, and Kallie reveals why: “A lot of our favorite retailers do this where they sort of give you incentives if you reload your gift cards. Amazon will do the same thing.” Did you know that if you’re a Prime member, Amazon gives you ten dollars just for reloading a gift card with a hundred bucks? Kallie analogizes this hack succinctly:  “If you’re buying from Amazon a lot, it’s sort of just like using a prepaid debit card, and you just fill it up with money, and you get little perks for doing that.” Who knew gift cards can be gifts that keep on giving!

4. Use Amazon’s Camera Function


Finally, if you come across something you like in real life, you can find it on Amazon! Use the camera function on the Amazon app by pointing it at the item you want, and find the closest that Amazon has to offer.

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