American Idol 2018: The Show’s Top 3 Juiciest Scandals of All Time

American Idol and controversies go hand in hand, and this season is no different! The competition show is back in full swing with an all new season, all new judges, and brand-new headlines. We've already seen some of its best moments go viral, but the revival season on ABC is also giving us its fair share of controversies. Such was the case with the resurface of the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud during last week's show. 

It all happened during auditions, when Luke Bryan asked a contestant who he looked up to as an artist and he replied, "I'm sorry for this, Katy," before saying Taylor Swift. It's long been rumored that Perry and Swift have a long-time feud going on. Katy said there was no need for an apology, following with, "I love her as a songwriter, as well." The shade of it all!

And that takes us on a road to reminiscence about past American Idol controversies. Here's our list of the top three most talked about headlines of all time. 

1. Paula Abdul's Rumored Romance with Contestant   

How can we forget about this one? Season two contestant Corey Clark claimed to have been in a romantic relationship with Paula Abdul during his time on the show. He sparked the rumor two years later after he was disqualified from Idol. He appeared on ABC's Primetime Live and reassured that his relationship with Abdul lasted three months. 

2. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj: Battle of the Divas  

Sparks flew when American Idol selected two divas to judge its 12th season. TMZ leaked footage of the two judges getting into a fight during auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina. At one point, Nicki Minaj is reportedly yelling at Mariah Carey, "I'm not going to put up with her f***ing highness anymore."  

It's no secret that Carey was not a big fan of her time on the show. In an interview with the Australian radio program Kyle and Jackie-O, she was asked if she'd be up to judge another season, to which she responded, "absolutely not, it was the worst experience of my life." 

3. Season 8 Voting Controversy  

This is also known as the "TextGate" of American Idol, where AT&T – a sponsor for the show – allegedly got in the way of voting during the season eight finale between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. The company gave away free phones to text or call in favor of Allen in his home state, Arkansas. Allen ended up winning, and Lambert fans still believe voting was rigged. Fox denied all allegations, and said all voting results were "fair, accurate and verified." 

So, there you go. More than discovering some out of this world singing talent, American Idol has also given us headlines that raised our eyebrows, left our mouths open, but left us hooked for more! If you want to catch up, with current episodes, make sure to visit

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