America’s Most Haunted: 12 Spooky Spots in the States Giving Us Chills

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:12 PM, Oct 26, 2017

Are you a fan of history and a spook or two? Then you'll love that Google officially created a map of the most haunted places in the US and we're showing you 12 of the scariest spots, from the most terrifying to the less scary (but still pretty scary). So turn out the lights, turn on the spooky music, and read on to see if you'd survive some of the creepiest, ghostliest places in America.

1. Bobby Mackey's Music World – Wilder, Kentucky

Before Bobby Mackey's Music World became a jumping nightclub, the building used to be a meat-packing and slaughterhouse facility – complete with spooky basement for holding the blood and guts of the animals. After the slaughterhouse closed in the 1890s, researchers speculated that the warehouse became a hotbed of Satanic cult activity, you know, Satanic rituals and secret meetings, possibly even human sacrifices. And that was just the beginning of the ominous happenings.

Now, some say that the building's basement is a "gateway to Hell". Headless ghosts have been seen and phantom footsteps are heard on the stairs that lead to the building's basement. Bobby Mackey's wife even says she was once pushed down the stairs by the ghost of a man that promised to haunt the plot forever. So, we'll be getting our honky-tonk dance on elsewhere, if that's okay.

2. Villisca Ax Murder House – Villisca, Iowa

On a spooky night in 1912, a family was bludgeoned in this quiet Iowa home by a mystery assailant, and to this day, the crime hasn't been solved and the family's home is now known as the Villisca "Murder House".

If you're brave enough, you can tour the haunted grounds, or even stay at the house overnight – if you aren't scared by falling lamps, moving ladders, and spirits' voices. If you do stay, maybe you'll be able to solve the crime that's stumped history buffs for over 100 years…

3. United States Air Force Museum – Dayton, Ohio

You'll find plenty of history at this Ohio museum, but you also might find plenty of ghosts too. According to the museum's evening staff, the ghosts of planes' deceased pilots, and owners of other artifacts that didn't rest in peace decided to find their old things – and now protect them by haunting the museum.

Janitors have reported hearing the belly guns of WWII era planes rattle in the night. One of the spookiest happenings: Nightside workers have seen the pilot of a Korean/Vietnam War era helicopter, still stained with his blood, sitting in the plane, flipping switches, in hopes of getting home.

4. The Old Western Burial Ground – Baltimore, MD

Also known as the Presbyterian Churchyard, several famous people from history have been buried at this graveyard, including Edgar Allen Poe. His ghost has been seen all over the cemetery, from where his body is buried, to the church that's built nearby, waiting for his love to meet him, or mourning her death.

The cemetery is also home to the "Skull of Cambridge", said to belong to a murdered minister whose head kept screaming after his death. Legend has it, the minister's assailants put the skull in an area surrounded by cement in hopes that the cement would block out the head's screams. Now, people say you can hear the screaming regularly, and if you hear it for too long, you could go insane.

5. The Whaley House – San Diego, CA

A good way to make sure your home is haunted: build it on a plot where criminals were once hanged from gallows! That's part of what helped the Whaley House in San Diego earn its name as one of America's "Most Haunted Houses". Soon after Thomas Whaley bought the plot and built the house, his family started hearing heavy footsteps around the home.

Even now, visitors still report strange feelings and happenings when they stop by the house. One visitor even said that her child said she waved at a man in a hallway – but when the mother looked down the hallway – there was no one thereI don't know about you, but when a kid says they see a ghost, I am out.

6. The Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, AR

Would you be able to stay the night at one of America's most haunted hotels? Construction on The Crescent started in 1884 and a year later, one of the masons working on the roof of the hotel fell off, to his death.

Now, "Michael" haunts the area of the hotel where he died where guests find their TVs and lights being turned on and off, along with hearing loud pounding on the walls. Other visitors have seen hands come out of bathroom mirrors, and even been shaken awake during the night, sending some screaming for the door.

7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, KY

When it was built, Waverly Hill was considered to be the most "advanced tuberculosis sanatorium in the country". But while doctors thought they were curing patients of their illness by doing things like putting balloons in patients' lungs and filling them up so they'd "expand", doctors, obviously, were just casually killing those patients. When that happened, the patients' bodies would be put through a "body chute", so the surviving patients wouldn't know how many residents were getting released from the hospital – you know, via death.

Now, ghosts of the patients that remain at the sanatorium have been seen running through the building or heard slamming doors. And sometimes, if you're lucky, you might get to play catch with a ghost kid or two.

8. Alcatraz – San Francisco, CA

The famous Alcatraz prison gives off its own spooky air when you see it while strolling by the San Francisco waterfront, so it's no surprise that several prisoner ghosts haunt the spot to this day. Night guards would report hearing unexplained clangings, moaning, and crying; they'd even see dead convicts in food lines with other inmates.

One famous ghost that might still haunt the prison – the ghost of Al Capone. The mobster picked up the banjo during his stay at Alcatraz, and now, several visitors have reported hearing the sounds of a banjo coming from various places in the prison.

9. The Amityville Horror House – Amityville, NY

The setting of the real-life-turned-scary-movie happenings, 112 Ocean Ave. may look different now, but it still holds the scary history of supernatural forces that would rip doors from hinges, ooze noxious slime from the ceilings, and leave bite marks on the family's skin. Apparently, before the Lutzes bought the home, it was inhabited by the DeFeo family – who suffered a tragic murder at the hands of one of their own – and those spirits had something to say about it.

Since then, the home has had several remodels: owners hid the house numbers so people wouldn't go looking for it, and the evil-looking, quarter-moon windows everyone knows have been replaced; and a few years ago, some brave soul decided to buy the property for $850,000. Best of luck to them…

10. The Stranahan House – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

It's a ghostly family affair at this Florida home, the oldest surviving house in the area. The family that lived there was headed by Frank Stranahan, a banker. When the Great Depression hit, Stranahan's bank failed, leaving him and his family broke. Distraught, Stranahan threw himself into the river, and ever since then, strange apparitions and ghostly noises started happening inside the house. Eventually, Stranahan's wife and father-in-law passed in the home as well, making for more spirits and spooky happenings at the home.

Vagrants who stumbled across the property started reporting that an angry spirit would chase them until they were off the home's grounds. And when the house eventually became a museum, a parlor clock that hadn't been in operation since the family lived there started to tick on its own…

11. Stone's Public House

While this quaint Massachusets bar-restaurant now serves delicious food and cold brews, it might also serve up chills after you know its history. In 1832, John Stone opened the Railroad House Inn, a hopping inn during it's time that would soon hide a dark secret. Eventually, Stone accidentally killed a boarder after accusing him of cheating in a card game – and that's when reports of spirits roaming the premises began.

Some of the spirits that stay permanently at the house make themselves known by rattling the floors and tapping the shoulders of patrons. But at least not all of the ghosts are bad – one psychic said they connected with the ghost of a drunkard at the inn whose spirit refuses to leave, just because it enjoys the atmosphere – that's got to be a rousing endorsement, right?

12. Lemp Mansion – St. Louis, Missouri

The Lemp Mansion is a beautiful, vintage restaurant, inn, and bed and breakfast. Originally built in 1868 as a residence and office for the owners of the famous Lemp Brewery, the mansion now welcomes visitors from all over – both living and not.

The mansion is known to have doors that lock and unlock on their own, as well as pianos that play on their own. And if you're lucky, you might even encounter the spirit of the "Lavender Lady".

Web Bonus: See the rest of Google Maps' list of the most haunted places in America here!

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