Anti-Aphrodisiacs: 4 Surprising Foods Killing Your Sex Drive

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By: Teresa Strasser | Jessica Robertson Posted: 11:52 PM, Feb 14, 2018

Spring time is for getting frisky, but some foods you think will help pollinate the garden, might just be leaving you anything but. Teresa Strasser is talking with nutritionists and married couple Heather and Damian Dubé to find out about four supposed aphrodisiacs that might actually be killing your vibe instead.

1.  Chocolate

Chocolate seems like the romantic gift of choice, but it way affect your adrenal glands negatively, so it decreases your testosterone. No testosterone equals no sex drive. If you’re really craving the dark stuff try an organic chocolate that's 85 to 95 cocoa. Less sugar means no crash.

2.  Cheese

Farmed cows they have a lot of antibiotics in them and they have a lot of hormones in them. You're going to lower your hormonal levels and have issues there where it would indirectly lower our libido. Go for organic cheeses or impress your date with a charcuterie plate instead.

3.  Microwave Popcorn

Most are genetically modified and have a lot of chemicals in the corn itself. When you heat the bag perfluorooctanoic acid leaches out into the corn, affecting your libido. Popping organic corn on the stove can save your quality couch time.

4.  Coffee

Your caffeine buzz is not going to help your love life. It's going to keep you in that constant fight or flight mode. If you want to have a lot-ay intimacy, not a latte, so go for un-caffeinated teas.

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