Are You Doing It Right? Chris & Heidi Powell Get Real About Stretching & Foam Rolling

Former Extreme Weight Loss stars Chris and Heidi Powell are all about working out and fitness. But they say there's one thing we should all be doing to stay healthy: stretching! Whether you're warming up your muscles for a workout, or just to sitting on the couch – stretching can increase your blood flow and loosen your joints. Read on for Chris and Heidi’s three tip on stretching it out!


1. Dynamic Stretching

First up is dynamic stretching. "Dynamic warmup means our body stays in motion through the whole thing,” explains Chris. “We don't do it crazy – the whole one hand over head thing. [We do] really basic movements, but what we're doing is we're exploring all the different ranges of motion of our body.” Chris says the goal is to get your heart rate up, and send a message to your body that says hey, I’m coming for you! No need to do anything fancy like standing on your head – a simple jog will do the trick.


2. Static Stretching

 If you need a deeper stretch, or if you're injured, try tip number two. Static stretching means you're holding a stretch for a period of time. Heidi says static stretching is beneficial if you have any kind of imbalance in your body.  But there’s a catch! "A lot of people when they're static stretching – they'll hold a stretch for 30 seconds 45 seconds,” Chris begins. “Fact of the matter is, it takes upwards of two minutes to make a difference in that connected tissue. So you actually want to hold it for a long period of time.” This can lead to a difference in ease of movement – making it easier to walk upstairs or just bend over.


3. Foam Rolling

Last up is foam rolling, also known as self-myofascial release. Chris and Heidi explain that overtime our muscles become tight and knotted – which can cause pain and limit mobility. Foam rolling helps you loosen muscles, alleviate pain, and even avoid injury. Simply position yourself on the foam roller, relax, and slowly roll it out until you feel the muscle release. It can be painful at first, but you’ll get used to it and feel much better after!


Once you’re all warmed up and stretched out, you’ll be ready to try more of Chris and Heidi’s tips – like how to stay fit after 40!


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