Art of Happiness: 3 Ways to be Happy and Spread Joy

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Todd Covelli Posted: 4:05 PM, Mar 1, 2018 Updated: 4:57 PM, Jul 26, 2018

Are you happy right now? If you have to think about it, you probably aren’t – but don’t despair! There’s a Secret Society of Happy People teaching us about the art of happiness. We spoke with the group’s founder, Pamela Gail Johnson, who’s sharing three ways to turn your frown upside down.

1. Be Realistic

Achieving the art of happiness is easier than you might think – starting with being realistic about that fleeting state of bliss. Pamela says that studies have shown that it’s ok to have moments that aren’t so happy – but as a rule, don’t let the pity party go on to long. “I kind of have the 24-hour rule, so I let myself wallow, and then […] move on.” So try keeping a positive attitude – which leads us to our next step!

2. Choose to be Better or Bitter

The next step to perfecting the art of happiness: choose to be better, or bitter. “Your biggest tool in all honesty over being better or bitter is your attitude,” explains Pamela. “It’s about what you decide you’re going to look for. You’re going to decide to look for the positive, and make yourself a better person.”

If you use Pamela’s free Happiness Counter, you’ll see that you aren’t quite as bitter as you think. Pamela recommends using this checklist anytime you start feeling a little blue. “Most of the time, […] everybody notices that they had more happy moments than they really noticed,” Pamela shares. You can try the Happiness Counter for yourself by clicking here!

3. Make Other People Happy

And the final, most important step on our list: doing something nice for others. Like treating the stranger in line behind you to coffee at Starbucks! “One of the things you can always do is to make other people around you happy,” offers Pamela. “It’s a happiness booster, and it’s also a way to make yourself a better person.”

Recently, Pamela gave random people twenty dollars bills, but with one caveat: the recipients needed to commit an act of kindness for someone else! “Making other people happy doesn’t always have to cost money,” Pamela insists. “It could be something as simple as smiling at someone who looks a little bummed out, [or] giving someone a compliment.” Besides – it’s good karma!

Ready to turn your frown upside down?

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