Ashley Madison Reveals 20 Most Adulterous U.S. Cities

Can you believe more than 54 million people use the site Ashley Madison to potentially set up affairs? That’s a lot of infidelity! But where’s it happening most? The answer might surprise you.

Ashley Madison analyzed user data from their 54 million users from last year to discover the cities across the country getting the most hot and bothered with affairs – and it turns out Seattle is at the top. Must be something in the coffee!

Some of the other most popular cities to cheat include Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, San Diego, San Antonio, and Phoenix. Did your hometown make the list? Read below to find out!Seattle

1. Denver

2. Dallas

3. Philadelphia

4. San Jose

5. Los Angeles

6. San Francisco

7. Houston

8. Charlotte

9. Austin

10. Columbus

11. Indianapolis

12. Chicago

13. San Diego

14. New York City

15. Jacksonville

16. San Antonio

17. Washington

18. DC

19. Fort Worth

20. Phoenix

You might recall when Ashley Madison exposed more than 36 million customers’ private information in 2015. But with 54 million current registered users, it looks like the company’s doing just fine.


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