Astrology: Best Cocktail to Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If there’s one thing cocktails and zodiac signs have in common, it’s that they reveal much about your personality. Ever wondered which boozy beverage best suits your astrological sign? Then keep reading, because we’re coining a new mantra: before you hit the bar, look to the stars! We met with astrologer Miss Geri Young, who shared which cocktail you should drink based on your zodiac sign.

1. Leo – Red Wine

They’re romantic, sassy, and like to be a leader – so a nice red wine calms them down. 

2. Sagittarius – Champagne

They’re classy, like to be the center of attention, and celebrate life – just like a toast of champagne!

3. Aquarius – Margarita

They take chances and are fearless, but they love their work so a nice margarita is the only thing that sets them free! 

4. Capricorn – Martini

They’re what “out-of-control” control looks like. They always keep the appearance that they have it together, so a martini is a nice classy-looking drink. 

5. Aries – Beer 

They’re moving in fourth gear at all times, so they’re burning up life like crazy. A nice beer is quick and easy.

6. Taurus – Anything Vodka

They’re ready to party and get things going, so give them anything with vodka and they’ll be ready to go! 

7. Gemini – Pinot Grigio 

They are modern and want to be forever young, so a nice pinot is perfect. 

8. Virgo – Black Russian

It’s a twist on the classic White Russian, so it fits their unique standout personality. 

9. Scorpio – White Russian

It’s a simple drink, but it keeps the Scorpio up and going with some coffee to fit their dynamic personality.

10. Pisces – Tequila

They can be frivolous and a little crazy, so they love tequila…in a drink or just some shots! 

11. Libra – The Most Expensive Drink on the Menu 

Libras tend to be rigid and want the best, so no matter where they are they’ll take the priciest thing on the menu. 

12. Cancer – Bourbon

Cancer might be a little dramatic and over the top, so they like a bourbon to make sure they stand out.

Did your cocktail match your sign? Tell us in the comments below!

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