Astrology: Best Travel Destination Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Teresa Strasser Posted: 3:10 PM, Feb 23, 2018

Sun sign, star sign, zodiac sign. Whatever you call it, astrology can help explain many aspects of our lives – including where to travel on vacation! If you’re looking for the perfect locale to visit, learn more about picking the best destination based on your astrological sign.

1. Aries

The love of adventure brave disposition of Aries can make hiking and mountain climbing anywhere in the U.S. good vacation destination spots. National parks and state parks make great places!

2. Taurus

The need for comfort and security can make Taurus a bit more practical for travel, but their love of the good things in life can make Florida good vacation destinations.

3. Gemini

The interest in diversity and natural curiosity of Gemini can make places like Las Vegas a good vacation destination. But a relaxing staycation with options to get out is another great idea.

4. Cancer

The natural connection to family and urge for comfort and class can make places like Martha's Vineyard, the Outer Banks in North Carolina and San Diego good vacation spots.

5. Leo

The solar pull of Leo and urge to shine can make places like amusement parks and beaches good vacation places.

6. Virgo

The practicality and urge to study and learn can make places like New England good vacation choices.

7. Libra

The urge for balance and class can make places like a quiet bed and breakfast or a classy cruise good vacation options.

8. Scorpio

The natural pull of water and curiosity can make Scorpio drawn to places like New Orleans or Charleston, South Carolina good getaways.

9. Sagittarius

The enthusiasm and love of good travel can make road trips with friends a fun vacation idea to collect some good stories.

10. Capricorn

The practicality and grounded approach can make places like New England for leaf peeping a good vacation destination.

11. Aquarius

The individuality and pull to analysis can make places like Washington DC or Williamsburg can make good vacation destinations. 

12. Pisces

The diverse pull of Pisces can make places like Sedona, Arizona, or a trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights exceptional vacation destinations. 

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