Astrology: Cheating Likelihood Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Todd Covelli | Teresa Strasser Posted: 2:47 PM, Feb 12, 2018

Can your zodiac sign predict your likelihood of cheating? Astrology can reveal a lot of about your love love life – including your tendency to stray. We spoke with with astrologer Jim Ventura to learn more about the link between star signs and adultery. Read on for Jim's insights in your partner's astrological sign – which include what to do to prevent them from cheating! 

1. Aries

Aries a masculine fire sign. Once an Aries marks their territory to “claim” someone, they are unlikely to cheat. Still, Aries does often crave a new creative endeavor, or another conquest, and could cheat out of an urge for something new. Reinvent yourself from time to time to keep Aries interested. For a fire sign, an occasional battle or disagreement hashed out may actually be an opportunity to clear the air in a good way. 

2. Taurus

This sign is most surprising! Taurus is a fixed feminine sign and likely to be very loyal. Yet, their disposition to seeking satiation and indulgence could influence why a Taurus might cheat. They typically are very sensual and driven by touch and taste – which could be a fueling factor. Taurus typically seeks security, but if they don’t feel this in a relationship, they could be driven to find that sense elsewhere. Allow Taurus to indulge from time to time – and even join in with them! Don’t try to power play a bull and get them mad – it can take a long time to shake off! Know that despite everything they are usually wired to be committed.  

3. Gemini

Gemini is a masculine air sign. While Gemini is the sign of the twins it would in no way mean an inclination toward straying. That said, Gemini can juggle a lot of things in life and their innate curiosity can pull them into many different places (and even people) along their travels. Keep Gemini around by making them laugh, and by sharing some of their many interests. They enjoy communicating with their mates, so give them what they want. 

4. Cancer

Cancer is a feminine water sign. Cancer is another sign that would seem unlikely to cheat. Yet while the pull to service others is strong, if they are not getting that in return from a mate, they may be driven to seek this from another source. Cancer’s life test is to be more discerning. If they were pulled into an early marriage or commitment, and they feel a nagging sense of doubt or a need for more connection, they could go astray. Appreciate everything Cancer does for you – say it a lot. Do things for them without them having to ask. Recognize they have very changing moods and go with the flow. Cancer will often stay around for a long time.  

5. Leo

Leo is a masculine fire sign. They’re perhaps likely to be one of the most loyal signs of all. Leo is a fixed sign after all, so commitment and fealty are natural traits. Still Leo needs to be appreciated, acknowledged and adored. Fail to give them that fix and they could stray. Keep your Leo by honest praise, and appreciate their talented showmanship. Treat them with chivalry, or learn to adore their being chivalrous with you! 

6. Virgo

Virgo is a feminine earth sign. Virgo is a sign that is unlikely to be a cheater. They enjoy being of service to the ones they truly love. It can take a bit to get Virgo to open up and relax, but they will often be in it for the long haul once they do. They like things to be tidy, clean, and you can’t get mad when they correct you. Believe it or not, it is one of the ways they show love. They care enough to want to help! Give them useful practical gifts, and marvel in their excellent ability to plan and research. 

7. Libra

Libra is a masculine air sign. They are often naturally good at relationships. After all, one of their gifts recognizing and appreciating another’s point of view. They like the allure of commitment, and will think about it with some passion. Any sign can stray, and Libra may look for some magic and romance if they see it missing in their partners. Keep a Libra happy by having good taste. They like nice things and nice people. Don’t force them to make all the decisions, but always get their perspective on choices to consider. 

8. Scorpio

Scorpio is a feminine water sign. They either commit or they don’t. There is rarely a middle ground, but when they do commit they are typically loyal. This sign is reactive to power plays in relationships, but often don’t see that they cause them too! A Scorpio is drawn to a little mystery in life, and that could cause them to stray. Keep a Scorpio happy by being loyal and not reacting to their changing moods. They can often have a slightly dark but funny sense of humor. Appreciate this and give them a little mystery to solve from time to time. 

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign. As restless as Sagittarius can be (and the males may wait until later in life to settle down!), they often have strong moral and ethical codes so they are unlikely to be cheaters. Still, Sagittarius does love an adventure, and can be very flirty and charming. Keep your Sagittarius around by not trying to cage them in. Let them talk a lot, and appreciate their wisdom and endless acquired stories. 

10. Capricorn

While Capricorn is a female sign and may cheat more out of need as opposed to ego or status, they often are very aware of status and position. Capricorn’s negative expression of “I’m inhibited” can possibly push them into seeking out sexual experiences they may have missed in their younger years when other signs were busy sowing their oats. The reverse element of often conservative Capricorn may also be an appeal in some respects, by going against the more natural pull of strong convictions often held in life. Be patient with Capricorn’s pace, and find the right balance of being affectionate consistently without smothering.  

11. Aquarius

While a fixed sign (which means they’re more likely to be loyal), Aquarius can be quirky and non-conformist in some respects. The influence of the ruling planet Uranus can drive them to want to shatter the normal restraints traditional relationship. The possibility of fetish or other interests that are unique in their wiring can have them seeking out some satisfaction they may not be getting from their partner. The bucket list many people and have – especially Aquarians! – of things they’ve always wanted to do may also be a contributing factor. Value Aquarius’s unique way of seeing things and acknowledge their smarts. Be committed and loving but don’t be painfully gushy with them – expect them to be that way with you. Doing so often keeps an Aquarius happy and loyal.  

12. Pisces

Pisces is a feminine sign and likely to cheat more from need. The image of two fish attached at the tail and pulling into opposite directions can be part of a pull toward self-defeat. A naturally compassionate sign may also be pulled into an affair to make deeper connections they may not have with their mate. The dreamy side of Neptune (the Pisces ruling planet) may pull them to the idea that something secret, special and even mystical is awaiting them. Never take advantage of their kindness, and understand their need for retreat to recharge. Pisces will happily make sacrifices for the one they love. 


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