ASU Students Share 4 Ways to Take Better Selfies & Group Pics

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By: Meredith Witthar | Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:27 PM, Mar 23, 2018

Have you heard of a new trend called "selfie awareness?” In 2017, 55-percent of facial plastic surgeons saw patients who wanted to look better in selfies. But you don’t have to go under the knife to look camera-already! We spoke with ASU senior and Pi Beta Phi sister Lindsey McIntosh to learn some sorority selfie secrets.


1. Work Your Angles

First up, you've got to work your angles – which means standing straight simply isn’t going to cut it. “You want to put your hands on your hips,” insists Lindsey. “A lot of people put their hand right there on their hip like that, but you want to make sure your hand is actually backwards.” The key here is getting the right posture! “When you put your hand on your back, your shoulder goes back as well, and then you stand up a little taller,” she adds. If this move sounds familiar, that’s because it’s Beyoncé’s signature red carpet stance. Now you can look like Queen Bee with an overall slimmer silhouette without hitting the gym!


The rules change when it comes to working selfie angles, however. “You want to put your chin up and out away from you,” Lindsey explains.  “Also, have your shoulders laid back so you stick up a little bit, and then tilt the chin down with the camera up above." Work it, girl!


2. Find Your Signature Smile

Next up, find your signature smile. You can practice in front of the mirror to find what looks best. Sometimes you can try smiling without teeth, and other times you can flash a Cheshire grin! Just make sure not to overdo it. “Too much is when it's forced and your veins are showing in your neck,” Lindsey warns. Find your middle ground!


3. Group Pose

And finally, there’s the group pose. Sororities are infamous for this, so we thought we’d learn how to do the signature squat pose ourselves. First, have everyone on the outsides turn in, and put their hands toward the middle so they're away from the body. Then, as the name implies, all you have to do it crouch over and pose!


4. How to Take a Group Selfie

Now you know how to take a group photo, but what about taking a group selfie? We’ve got a few tips to help you out. First, the person taking the photo should stand on the outside. That way everyone will be in the pic. If you have everyone gather behind you, someone will end up cut off, and you'll have a weird angle of your arm in the shot. Next, hold the camera up high enough so you're not looking up anyone's nose, and everyone looks their best. Ask the person with the longest arm take the photo so you can get the best angle. Since you must switch the camera, make sure that you're facing the light so everyone is illuminated. Finally, when in doubt, filter it out! Taking group pics means everyone will want to look good – so pick the perfect filter so everyone’s happy with the photo!

Posing for pics can be daunting, but now you’ve got four ways to take fabulous group photos!


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