Avoid Holiday Hangovers: 3 Cheerful Drinking Tips

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 7:13 PM, Dec 12, 2016

Most of us love a wild night out, especially this time of year, but not that horrible feeling the morning after. We’ve got you covered! Lindsey Granger and Director of Marketing, The Melting Pot Restaurants of Arizona, Erin Cooper have three ways to help you possibly avoid those horrible holiday hangovers.

1.  Bellion Specialty Vodka

This spirit uses something called NTX technology and the creators say the ingredients are a blend that may reduce some of the negative aspects of a traditional cocktail. Of course vodka isn’t good for you, but this just might be a healthier option.

2.  Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir

If you're going to go to the store and look for a wine to buy, a safe target zone for alcohol content would be between 9 to 12.5 percent. Go with a medium bodied red wine, a wine that's going to be light in tannins, because that’s what actually tends to give you headaches the next morning.

A quick trick to tell if your red wine has too many tannins is to swirl it around in your glass. If you start to see legs then switch to a lighter blend.

3.  Never Too Hungover

The creators of this new drink think they've found a solution to being hungover. Their vitamin blend is intended to help prevent a hangover. It must be consumed before or while drinking.

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Big thanks to The Melting Pot!