Back to School Apps: 3 Free Apps to Simplify Your School Year

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By: Lindsey Granger | Mike Dunn Posted: 11:31 AM, Aug 2, 2018 Updated: 11:34 AM, Aug 2, 2018

Back to school season is here! The school year’s about to start, and that means things will get hectic. But worry not! The List looked at three apps to help make going back to school a lot easier.  

1. Cozi – Organizes Your Back to School Activities

Cozi make our list of a top free apps because it lets you manage your entire family’s calendar at the same time. Between piano lessons, lunch dates, soccer practice, and life at home, your back to school duties will be jam packed. That’s where Cozi comes in to help keep everyone’s work, school, and activity schedules in one place. It even has a real-time shopping list. It’s clear to see why Cozi makes our list of best back to school apps.

2. Wyzant  – Find a Tutor for Back to School Season

Second on our list of free apps is Wyzant, which connects people who want to learn with experts and tutors online or in person. Through the app, you type in what you want help with, and then you’ll be matched up with experts hand-picked to meet your needs. You can compare profiles, hourly rates, and over one million reviews and ratings of instructors who know your subject best. Once you pick a tutor, you can chat ahead of time to exchange info, prep for the lesson and pick a place to meet. Wyzant has over 80,000 tutors to choose from, and rates begin at $25 an hour. This is sure to make your back to school season a breeze!

3. Here Comes the Bus – Alerts You When School Bus is Near

Finally, lets finish our list of free apps with a tool that lets parents and kids track the location of their school buses. Too often, kids make it to their bus stop too early and have to wait in rain, snow or heat. Or they get there too late! Here Comes the Bus will send you a notification letting you know when the bus is close. Now your kids will be at the bus stop at just the right time, every time. 

Back to school time shouldn’t be stressful for your family. Between juggling supplies, morning routines, and afternoon homework help, take these tools that are now available at the palm of your hands to simplify your school year.



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