Beer Apps: 3 Free Apps Every Beer Enthusiast Should Download

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By: Lindsey Granger | Mike Dunn Posted: 11:46 AM, Aug 6, 2018 Updated: 4:46 PM, Aug 6, 2018

As craft beers continue to dominate the market and flood stores, you might find yourself stuck with a little paralysis for analysis. How do you choose the right one? Here are three beer apps to help you find the best suds for your taste buds. 

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1. Pairwise 

Let’s kick off our list of beer apps with Pairwise. As the name implies, a free app that pairs food with local beer. Let’s say you’re at work thinking about making some pasta with basil pesto sauce for dinner. You don’t have any beer in the fridge, so you need to pick some up on your way home. But, what goes with your dinner?  In the Pairwise app, click on the “suggest food” button, type in pasta with pesto, and you’ll be presented with several options. Select the one you want and hit the “beer me” tab. A list pops up with the beer style from every local brewery in your area.

But let’s say you have a really good amber ale waiting for you at home, but aren’t sure what to eat with it. Click on the “suggest food” button and punch in amber ale. Your head will spin at the selection of appetizers, entrees and more. 

2. Sommbeer 

Next on our list of beer apps is Sommbeer, a free app that helps you find breweries in your area. And while a brewery location app isn’t anything new, Sommbeer’s approach is different. When you click on the brewery you want, it shows all the information for that brewery including its website, taproom hours, and all their beers on tap.

3. Brew Town – One of the Best Beer Apps

Last on our list of beer apps is Brew Town, the world’s first craft beer simulator. Brew Town is a free world-building game played against other app users. You start a brewery and build it up by creating your own beers with over 150 different flavors. Then, you can get crafty with your label designing skills, and try to get into the design hall of fame. You can then compete with friends to see who can sell the most beers within the Brew Town Universe. 

The craft beer scene is getting bigger and bigger every day, but choosing a favorite doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Now you know of three beer apps to take your craft beer love to the next level. 




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