Best Clothing Apps: 3 Style Apps to Help Make Clothes Shopping Easier

best clothing apps

Stuck in a fashion rut? Or don’t have time to shop? Well, luckily there are some cool subscription service apps that will help you get trendy. So get ready, because here are three of the best clothing apps to help deliver style right to your door!


1. Stitch Fix


First on our list of best clothing apps is a favorite of Tiffany Reid, Cosmopolitan magazine’s Senior Fashion Editor. While technically they aren’t a subscription service, you’ll love Stitch Fix if you hate sitting in the store and sifting through things to find the perfect outfit. Once you download the app and log in, you take style quiz answering questions about your size, style, budget and lifestyle. You’ll provide information on what you like, your favorite colors, and your favorite silhouettes. Then a real-life stylist will review your preferences and find items that suit you! You’ll get five pieces per month, and you can take up to three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. Stitch Fix already has 2.9 million customers! You’ll have to pay a one-time styling fee of 20 bucks when you sign up, but you can use that money as a credit towards the first items you decide to keep.


2. Gwynnie Bee


Next up, a plus size fashion subscription service – Gwynnie Bee. This is one of those best clothing apps that’s also a subscription box service for women sizes 10 through 32. Unlike Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee promotes renting outfits, instead of buying them, and sending them back after you wear them. “First add the garments that you want to try to your closet and we’ll send you a box of your picks,” explains the app’s commercial. “When you’re ready for a refresh, send them back and we’ll get you something new.” And if you find something you just can’t bear to part with, you can buy it at a discount! Gwynnie Bee’s cheapest plan is under 40 bucks a month, and the most expensive is $150 a month.


3. Trunk Club


Last on our roundup of best clothing apps is one tailored to the fellas: Trunk Club. All you do is fill out a style profile, and Trunk Club pairs you with a personal stylist who puts together outfits based on your preferences and sends them your way. Then just send back what you don’t want to keep!  You can even arrange to be styled in person at one of its trunk clubhouses in Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas and L.A. The app charges a onetime styling fee of 25 bucks that can be used toward a purchase.


Those are just a few of the best clothing apps that are taking the stress out of shopping!


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