Best Party Ever: 3 party planning hack videos

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:57 PM, Apr 5, 2017

Hosting a party can be fun but can also be stressful. Thankfully there's plenty of hacks out there to help you work less and party more, like the ones Tory Shulman and Kin Community gathered in this video. Find out how to keep your drinks cool all party long, upgrade your store bought cake, and serve up snacks like a catering pro. And that's just the tip of the party hack iceberg:

Now that you've got the tools you'll need to tackle any party planning that comes your way, do you mind if we bring a few friends over Friday night to boogie? Food and drinks would be awesome. While we get the guest list together, take a look at these three other party hack videos to help you throw the best shindig ever.

1. Snack Hacks Deluxe

Rebecca Tan shows you how to make jello shots with strawberries, keep your booze cold with balloons, and keep your cool with drink flavor saving ice cubes. Why is this video deluxe you ask? Because Tan even throws in a couple of decoration hacks for you. It's a full service video!

2. Last Minute Party Planning

We've all had those aspirational plans of throwing a party with crazy plans and ideas, only to end up scrambling to the party store at the last minute. But don't sweat! Kelly from Studio DIY has got six party plans for store bought party supplies to make a colorful party your guests will be sure to dig.

3. Luau Themed Party

If you want to bring a tropical vibe to your bash, Miss Kris has awesome ideas for you. From a mini beach to genius hanging decoration ideas, she's got you covered from head to grass skirt.

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