Best Workouts Apps: 5 Fitness Apps to Bring Out Your Inner Athlete

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By: Victor Padilla Posted: 10:32 AM, Aug 16, 2018 Updated: 11:57 AM, Aug 16, 2018

Looking for the best workout apps on the market? Then keep reading! The List is taking a look at the five best fitness apps to download ASAP.


1. 7-Minute Butt Work


If you like big butts and you cannot lie, here’s an app you can’t deny. The Butt Workout and Fitness App by Fast Home Builder offers 7-minute workouts designed to help you develop a “sexier and better-looking” toosh. These booty-blasting exercises help you target various areas of your lower body with moves such as donkey kicks, hip thrusts, and squats. The app says it’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket! And with a 4.8-star rating, we totally believe it. Get ready to drop it like a squat, and see why this makes our list of best workout apps.


2. Yoga Wake Up


We love cardio and weightlifting, but many of us forget to add recovery as part of our wellness program. If this sounds like you, then Yoga Wake Up is here to help. Yoga Wake Up plays relaxing music to guide you through a 10-minute stretch session each morning. Think you can’t afford to spare 10 minutes? The app says if you have time to scroll through your Instagram feed in the AM, you can make time for your mind and body. You also won’t be needing your regular alarm clock anymore. Yoga Wake Up comes with its own Yoga Wake Up timer to help you rise and shine right.


3. Aaptiv


Who needs pre-workout when you have heart-pumping music to get you through a sweat sesh? If you’re addicted to music as much and muscles, Aaptiv is the app for you. Aaptiv offers over 2,500 audio-based fitness classes led by certified personal trainers. Listen to your favorite upbeat tunes while testing yourself through running, race training, and rowing workouts. Aaptiv adds 30 classes a week to its roster, so you’ll always have new ways to switch things up. Aaptiv’s versatility earns its spot on our list of best workout apps.


4. Seconds


Here’s an app to keep you motivated and moving. Seconds is an interval timer app perfect for fans of HIIT, circuit training, and CrossFit workouts. Seconds boasts over five million downloads with over 13,000 five-star reviews. Get ready for a lotta’ Tabata!


5. Freeletics – One of the Best Workout Apps


No gym? No problem! Freeletics features over 900 workouts focused on strength and conditioning. And the best part? No equipment is required, so you can literally workout anywhere. The app also offers a fitness test to assess and customize a workout plan just for you.


If you’re looking for the best workout apps to help bring out your inner athlete, now you know about five to download straight away!


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