Beyond Parenthood : Accessing Limitless Potential

By: adapted for web by Dave Hanson Posted: 10:10 AM, Jul 27, 2022 Updated: 3:05 PM, Aug 1, 2022

Being a good parent means you give, and you give some more… And while it’s part of the job, it can be challenging at times. Mara Kazantzaki, Founder Of Beyond Motherhood, is teaching us ways to give your kids everything they need, but save a little something for yourself.

Personal development

Busy parents are often expected to get do so much for their families that taking care of themselves becomes the lowest priority. Knock that off, ASAP! You need a break that’s all about you. If you have the time, a retreat is healthy but if not, you don’t have to go somewhere — just find a park bench or a couch and take some me-time.

Find your community

And while you think you have to raise your children alone as parents, the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” exists for a reason. Search for local parent groups or join a parent facebook group. Its a tough job, so being part of a community is paramount for the mental and physical health and overall wellbeing of all concerned.

Find your passion

Ask yourself, what is the one thing that you love doing more than anything else

What is it that sparks your curiosity? What brings you joy? Maybe it’s something you did as a kid but stopped, or something you never got around to. Finding that passion will boost your creativity, increase your sense of fulfillment, and improve your overall quality of life— and while we’re at it, will probably make you a better parent.

We’re unlocking your limitless potential in parenthood.