Beyond Planet Earth: Top 3 Space Innovations Taking Flight

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By: Brian Corsetti | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:57 PM, Oct 7, 2016

Recently, a lot of news has been made on how humans will be going to Mars and beyond in the near future. The space race is on and some major players and looking to lead the way. Brian Corsetti is going beyond planet earth with the top three innovations taking flight.

1.  NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

An asteroid on a collision course with earth — it happened in the movie Armageddon, and it could happen for real. Luckily, NASA is working hard to save us from that fate.

The plan is to send a spacecraft to collect a multi-ton boulder from the surface of an asteroid. The hope is added mass, which generates gravity, will alter an asteroids trajectory enough to save the Earth from destruction. If all goes as planned this mission should be completed by the mid 2020s.

2.  Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX recently laid out his plan for a manned mission to Mars that could begin in about ten years. One trip would carry 100 people at a time, it would take 115 days and cost about $200,000 per person. Hopefully the red planet will just be the beginning — not the last stop.

3.  Stephen Hawking’s StarShot

This mini-space craft is about the size of a wafer and would be propelled by lasers shot from earth. At full speed StarShot would travel at 20 percent of the speed of light — reaching Alpha Centauri, our closest neighboring solar system, within 20 years.

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