Birthstones by Month: All 12 Birthstone Colors & Meanings

birthstones by month

Searching for birthstones by month? We’ve got you covered! The List spoke with Sharon Lehew, General Manager at Robbins Brothers, to learn about birthstones and their symbolism.


1. January – Garnet


Are you a January baby? Then say happy New Year to January’s garnet! This deep red stone is deep in history too, as traveling warriors in the crusades used them as talismans. In those days, people believed garnet to keep travelers safe and give courage during travel.


2. February – Amethyst


Next on our list of our birthstones by month is amethyst, which belongs to those born in February. If you need some warmth and strength in your life, then this is the stone for you. Surrounding yourself with amethyst can keep your head clear and mind sharp!


3. March – Aquamarine


Aquamarine might be the birthstone for March, but it’s perfect for anyone with a hot temper! This stone calms you down and cools your mood. Aquamarine encourages peace of mind, making it the perfect tool to supplement meditation.


4. April – Diamond


Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend – this sparkler belongs to anyone born in April! Diamonds symbolize love, which is why traditionally we’ve seen them associated with engagement and wedding rings. Birthstone believers also say diamonds possess healing powers


5. May – Emerald


Born in May? Then your birthstone is emerald! This stone symbolizes rebirth and brings its wearer good luck and youthfulness. Emerald also attracts harmony and stability, making it one of the most balancing birthstone by month.


6. June –  Alexandrite


Calling all June babies! Your birthstone is alexandrite – but you don’t have to be born in June to enjoy this stone’s benefits. Alexandrite helps you focus, especially when learning and studying new things. It can also help spark creativity and good mojo!


7. July – Ruby


You don’t have to be born in July to appreciate this next of birthstones by month! Rubies symbolize passion, love, and success. Wearing this precious stone is thought to increase energy, boost vitality, and attract wealth.


8. August – Peridot


Peridot is the birthstone associated with August. Peridot is reputed as a stone that promotes wealth, healing, good luck, and protection against evil, making it one of the most diverse of birthstones by month.


9. September – Sapphire


If you’re born in September, your birthstone is sapphire, which represents sincerity, integrity, wisdom and power. Sapphires are also linked to royalty and said to attract wealth.


10. October – Opal


Opal is a very fragile stone, but full of fire – fire fueled by superstitions! Opal is said to bring its wearer loyalty and faithfulness. But Sharon warns that if you wear opal and it’s not your birthstone, it could bring bad luck!


11. November – Topaz


Were you born in November? The birthstone is Topaz. This stone is a calming stone, so it conjures calmness, warmth, love, and brings passion to your world. Topaz might balance your checkbook, too, because it’s also linked to financial wealth.


12. December – Zircon


Last on our roundup of birthstones by month is Zircon – a grounding type of stone. People in the Middle Ages thought it could ward off evil! Today, folks believe zircon attracts compassion, confidence, and strength.


If you were looking to learn about by birthstones by month, consider yourself an expert now!


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