Body Language Test: What Your Netflix & Chill Position Says About You

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Posted: 11:58 PM, May 11, 2018 Updated: 1:02 PM, Jun 27, 2018

The way you Netflix and chill says a lot about you  more than you think! Whether you cuddle, hold hands, or sit side-by-side, you and your partner's body language speaks volumes about the stages of your relationship. We spoke with relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle who gave us the skinny on what your binge-watching behavior says about your love life! 

1. You're Sitting on the Couch, But You're on Separate Ends 

If your first instinct is to choose opposite sides of the couch when you're about to watch a movie, it may be a sign that you guys need some space. "You guys don't want to be too close to each other, and need a breather," Gilda Carle explains. Especially if sitting this way is something new, an activity that you've only been doing recently, but didn't do at the beginning stages of dating. Sitting on opposite sides isn't necessarily a bad thing; I could also be that you're both just independent people!

2. He's Sitting Upright, and You're Laying Down on His Lap  

If one partner is sitting upright, and the other is laying down and resting their head on the other's lap, they're putting themselves in a submissive position. It's giving off signs that the person lying down is more interested in getting intimate than into what's being played on TV. They want the other person to make the first move!

3. Spooning – Need We Say More? 

Spooning while watching a movie means the relationship is super close. This position indicates the passion is alive, and that the couple is caring and protective of each other.  

4. Sitting Next to Each Other, Holding Hands 

Sitting next to each other while holding hands means you're in a stage where you're comfortable and confident enough in the relationship; that there doesn't have to be too much physical contact to show you care about the other person. You still want to have a connection, though, so you hold hands. 

5. Your Classic Sitting Next to Each Other, And They Wrap Their Arm Around You  

It's your classic movie-watching move. You're sitting next to each other, and one person goes for it and wraps their arm around the other. Doing this lets the other person know you care about them. If this move is made during a first or second date, then it's suggesting that they're having a good time, and that they feel comfortable enough to go for it.  


Next time your boo is over for some late-night showing of Stranger Things or Black Mirror, pay attention to what your body language says about you. You might be surprised! 

Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.) is the media's go-to relationship expert and corporate performance coach. Check her our at the following social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

What's YOUR favorite Netflix and Chill position? Sound off on those comments down below! 

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