Booze, Toys, & Jerky?: 10 Crazy Advent Calendars

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 11:07 PM, Nov 17, 2017

For many of us, it's an annual holiday tradition to count down to Christmas with an advent calendar. But while the surprises in the calendars you grew up with were great, the gifts in 2017 advent calendars are even better. Get ready to celebrate Christmas every day with everything from wine, to meat, pork rinds, and more with our list of 10 of the coolest and kookiest advent calendars you can get this year.

1. Jerky Advent Calendar

A jerky a day may not keep the doctor away, but it will make counting down to Christmas a whole lot tastier.'s Jerky Advent Calendar not only comes with delicious beef jerky flavors like Habanero, Honey Bourbon, and Root Beer; it also features a couple of sweet treats as well like single malt scotch caramels and delicious egg nog taffy!

Get your candy and your meat candy craving filled this December by ordering the Jerky Advent Calendar here for around $50.

2. Spirits Advent Calendar

A lot of us like to celebrate things with booze, so why not celebrate the coming of Christmas with it too! Enter Heritage Distilling Co.'s Spirits Advent Calendar. The box comes with 24 mini bottles of some of HDC's best liquors. From vodka flavors like coffee and blood orange to bourbon whiskey and the distillery's special gin, there'll be something in this box for everyone to cheers to.

Get your Christmas countdown party on by grabbing an HDC spirits advent calendar from the Heritage website for around $49.

3. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Know someone who's a big fan of everything LEGO? Make their Christmas countdown feel out of this world by grabbing them a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar! This unique calendar features 24 different LEGO Star Wars gifts behind each door. It comes with 8 character minifigures – including the cutest BB-8 figure in a Santa hat – vehicles from the movie, like the Millennium Falcon and Stormtrooper transports, and LEGO Star Wars weaponry, like blaster cannons and pistols!

The LEGO Star Wars advent calendar will run you about $40 and can be found on the LEGO Shop website here.

4. Ulta 12 Days of Beauty Calendar

If you're a makeup fanatic, you know how tough it can be to stay made up on a budget. Luckily, Ulta Beauty has the perfect advent calendar to help you look your best on December 25th. The Ulta 12 Days of Beauty advent calendar features 12 stylish and trendy makeup items you'll love, even long after Christmas. Each day, you'll find different lip creams, blush palettes, eyeshadows, eye pencils and more, giving you everything you need for all your holiday makeup needs.

You can pick up this beauty calendar box from the Ulta website here – and, bonus! – the box is a $74 value, but it'll only cost you $18! Now that's a Christmas miracle.

5. Pet Advent Calendars

Who says the Christmas countdown fun is only for humans? Get your pets into the holiday spirit with advent calendars made just for them. The Falvai Creative Dog Treat Advent Calendar features 24 days' worth of high quality treats for your pup! Each day, Fido can be surprised by grass-fed beef, Pacific salmon, and natural peanut butter flavored treats, that the company guarantees, "even fussy dogs" will love. You can fetch the Falvai dog treat calendar for around $40 from the company's website here.

And cat lovers, don't think we forgot about you! Pet food company Lily's Kitchen is bringing countdown goodies to your kitty with their Christmas Fireside Tails advent calendar for cats! The box features 24 days of tasty, high-quality treats your cat will love, from turkey delights made with gravy and cranberries to fancy treats mixed with chicken and shrimp! Head here to treat the kitty in your life to the finer things this Christmas with the Lily's Kitchen advent calendar, going for around $30.

6. Pork Rind Advent Calendar

If there's a market in the advent calendar world for beef jerky advent calendars, you can bet there's a market for other meatlover-centric calendars too, case in point: This calendar from The Snaffling Pig Co. lets pork rind fans count down to Christmas with their favorite crunchy snack.

The company sold out of their calendars last year, so they came back this year bigger and better. The 2017 "Merry Piggin' Christmas" calendar box features 6 different flavors of pork rinds for you to enjoy over 24 days, from their Pigs In Blankets flavor to the Maple, and the Low & Slow BBQ. You can pig out with this porky advent calendar for around $20 by picking it up at the Snaffling Pig website here.

7. Jelly Belly Advent Calendars

Jelly beans aren't just for Easter anymore! This festive box of holiday Jelly Bellys is perfect for any lover of the tiny, sweet treats. The calendar features 24 packs of Jelly Belly Kids Mix jelly beans for you to break into every day – and don't worry, the "kids mix" is guaranteed to please kids of all ages. You can grab the Jelly Belly advent calendar here for around $18.50.

And for our food daredevils out there, looking to get a little crazy with their countdown to Christmas, check out Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled advent calendar, which features 24 mini bags of the company's most adventurous jelly bean flavors, including everything from strawberry banana smoothie to moldy cheese – and everything in between. You can grab the Bean Boozled calendar here, also going for $18.50.

8. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

If you know someone who's kid loves the show Paw Patrol (heck, if you know any adults who love the show Paw Patrol), then this super cute advent calendar is the one for them! Each day a door reveals a new mini Paw Patrol or winter themed figure that you can invent adventures for or put on display at home or at work for an extra daily dose of cuteness!

Grab this advent-urous calendar (zing) from for around $25.

9. Twelve Nights of Wine Calendar

The stress of the holiday season can sometimes give us all enough to whine about. But thankfully, nothing cures a case of the whines like a few glasses of fine wine! That's where Vinebox's Twelve Nights of Wine advent calendar comes in.

The wine themed box features 12 single-serving bottles of world class wines, hand-curated for the 2017 holiday season. So whether you like a bold red or a rich, refreshing white, or a little bit of both, this wine calendar will have you singing "Joy to the Wine", all the way through Christmas. Pick it up at the Vinebox website for around $129.

10. Pringles Advent Calendar

Get ready, Pringles fans – your favorite snack in a can can now be your favorite snack in a can – in a box! – with this Pringles advent calandar. For 12 days, you'll get to count down to Christmas with 12 different varieties of Pringles flavors, including your favorites, from the Original, to Salt & Vinegar, to Sour Cream and Onion and more!

Currently, this advent calendar is only being sold in the UK, but, where there's will on the internet, there's always a way. You can get yourself a Pringles calendar here in the states by grabbing one on ebay for around $33. But you'd better hurry – there aren't many left!

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