Brew It Up! 3 ways to become a beer pro

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 6:28 PM, Apr 17, 2017

So you don't tremble at the sight of the legendary "Das Boot" mug and means you’re now ready to take your beer skills to the next level. Going pro in the beer business can offer up some exciting challenges depending on which direction you go. Jared Cotter has three ways you can get started as a beer pro!

1.  Getting Down to Business

You already know how to brew. You search out the best malt, the best hops and your seasonal recipes are all dialed in. Maybe you're not a brewer, but you want to work in the growing craft beverage industry. Online certification programs like the one at Portland State University can help give beer lovers the chance to focus their skills on the business end of the bottle. Even if you don't want to open your own brewery, it can teach you the skills needed to work in the beer industry.

2.  Pair Food & Beer Like a Master

There's a whole world of opportunities that are now available for more sophisticated pairing of food and beer. The Brewers Association and Cicerone are pushing the envelope in the art of food and beer pairings with in-depth programs and testing. Beer lovers can become pairing experts and up their game in the service industry. Build upon the craft beer and food experience you already offer by discovering the untapped culinary insights in every new flavor and taste of craft beer.

3.  Be a Beer Judge

Founded in 1985, the Beer Judge Certification Program is a worldwide certifying organization for judges of beer for home-brewed and commercial beer competitions. It is peer review at its absolute highest standard and to put a beer through that panel and come out on top means a lot. It's basically your peers saying you make great beer.

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