Cash in Your Old CDs: 3 Types of Rare, Vintage CDs Worth Money

By: Jared Cotter Posted: 11:12 PM, Mar 12, 2018

If making money is music to your ears, your old CDs could be strumming in the C-notes! We caught up with Mike Esposito, owner of The ‘In’ Groove record store, who showed us three kinds of CDs made during the 1980s that could be worth money!


1. Early Target CDs

First, look out for early "target" CDs. "Early CDs kinda had a target design logo to them,” says Mike. “That's one of the ways you can identify them." These early CDs were only made in west Germany and Japan at the time. So what makes them so valuable? “CDs weren't mass produced yet, so there was a lot fewer of them,” Mike explains. “They're pretty heavily collected.” An early target CD you may have purchased for $15 could now be worth up to $1,000! And while you're searching through your collection, look for the next CD style worth some money.


2. The Audiophile CD

Next on our list are audiophile CDs! "These were CDs that were generally made using the original analog master tape,” explains Mike. “Also, the discs […] were done with a 24-carat gold disc as opposed to the normal silver disc." The discs for audiophile CDs are made of plastic, but a super thin 24-karat gold foil is the reflective layer that the music is recorded on – instead of the standard aluminum. Look for gold CDs made by DDC, mobile fidelity, and audio fidelity. "A lot of the audiophile CD's are typically in the $25 to $300 $400 range,” reveals Mike. Definitely worth digging in your crates for!


3. Private Label Release

The final CD to look for is the private label release. "A lot of artists – when they were getting [started], and they were trying to establish themselves as an artist – they were selling their own product […] and making their own CDs,” shares Mike. “A lot of those are actually quite valuable now after they've made it big." These CDs were usually sold at bars or clubs by the artists directly to the customer during or after their performances, or even to people on the street.


So the next time an upcoming artist peddles you their album in the street, don’t shun them away. It could be worth big money one day!


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