CBD for Dogs: Benefits, Side Effects & How Much CBD to Give Your Dog

By: Jacqui Denker | Victor Padilla | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 12:31 PM, Nov 14, 2018 Updated: 3:40 PM, Nov 14, 2018

CBD has become the hot new product to help a myriad of medical issues like sleeplessness and anxiety. But what about for CBD for dogs and cats? The List spoke with Dr. Josh Sosnow, veterinarian at North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, who has three things you should know before giving CBD to your furry friends.


1. Benefits of CBD for Dogs


The first thing to know about CBD for dogs? The benefits! “We find that it’s very useful in treating patients who have arthritis, patients that have nerve pain, [and] it can be used in patients that have anxiety issues,” shares Dr. Sosnow. This includes phobias associated with thunderstorms, traveling, or separation issues – but that’s not all! “We find that in some patients, based on the literature that come out on the human side, it may be useful in managing certain conditions of the gastric track, as well as other inflammatory conditions that are present in our patients,” adds Dr. Sosnow. He also says it may also treat forms of cancer and neurodegeneritive diseases.


2. Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs


You can buy CBD for dogs all over! Pet CBD comes in many forms including yummy treats, oil, or balm. You can purchase items in a wide variety of pet stores, cannabis dispensaries, and select veterinarians. Don’t want to leave the house? No worries! “These days you can find it frequently online, both from people who manufacture it and other retailers,” says our doc. But don’t forget to call your vet so you know what you’re getting! “We recommend that when people are seriously considering using CBD, they talk to their vet for a product that has gone through a variety of measures to make sure you’re only getting CBD and nothing harmful,” warns Dr. Sosnow.


3. How Much CBD Do I Give My Dog?


Finally, let’s talk dosage. “One of the benefits that we see with CBD, both in the human and veterinary side of things, is that it’s very hard to overdose,” informs Dr. Sosnow. “The risks are actually quite small.” So how much CBD should you give your dog? “It’s rare that we’re going to come across a one-size-fits-all dosing strategy, because it just doesn’t exist,” insists our expert. “The veterinarian has obviously the medical background to understand some of the complications or concerns of the use of CBD and would be in the position to structure a dosing regimen.” The short answer? Ask your vet first to make sure you’re giving Fido the correct amount!


And that’s the skinny on CBD for dogs and pets!


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