Celebrate Shaq’s birthday with our 3 favorite O’Neal ads

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:57 PM, Mar 6, 2017

He’s big; he's loveable; he's got the moves; he’s Shaq. The all-star basketball player turned commentator turned reserve police officer has brought us countless basketball highlights, but he’s also brought us some of our favorite make-us-laugh commercials. To celebrate his 45th birthday, we’re reliving three of our favorite Shaquille O’Neal ads, including a “cheesy” fast food ad from the good old 2000s and the Gold Bond shimmy heard ‘round the world.

1. Shaquille O'Neal's Freestyle Dunk

Not only is today Shaq’s birthday, but it’s also National Oreo Cookie Day, making this commercial even more fitting for reliving. Not only can Shaq dunk basketballs into hoops and Oreo cookies into milk; he can also freestyle, a talent he shows us in this Oreo ad. Have a taste of his sweet flow.

2. The Burger King Shaq Pack

In 2002, Burger King debuted its “Shaq Pack” meal, a grilled sourdough bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a pack of Kraft chili-cheese dipping sauce. That’s right – chili cheese sauce for your fries. Good times. To promote his new meal, Shaq donned a leather trench coat for a basketball court parody of Shaft, the action film from the 70s and remade in 2000. Relive the “cheesy” goodness of this ad, complete with a few slow motion dunks. Can you dig it?

3. The Gold Bond Shimmy

You’ve seen the shimmy in gif form countless times but it never gets old. One of Shaq’s most memorable ads was this “Wake Up Cool” Gold Bond powder spray commercial. No matter how old he gets, Shaq’s still got the moves and we can’t wait to see him bust out a few more. Happy birthday, Shaq!

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