Charlie Day’s 3 winning tips to fight fear

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 8:36 PM, Feb 24, 2017

In the new movie Fist Fight actor Charlie Day must face his fear of fighting with fellow teacher Ice Cube, and one of them will also be fired. Even though that’s just the premise for the film and we're normally not facing a pink slip and a black eye on the same day, we all have fears. Charlie and director Richie Keen are sharing three winning tips to fight fear.

1.  Don’t Fear Fear

Always remember that there's nothing to fear, but fear itself.

2.  Believe in Yourself

That's classic advice. It sounds kind of cheesy, but in the movie you'll see the way that Charlie believes in himself and the way his daughter does in different ways. It shows you that if you just believe in yourself and stand up for yourself you can get knocked down, but you'll get right back up.

3.  Reframe Your Fears

Sometimes the things we're most afraid of are the things we're most excited about and we confuse that excitement with fear. That actually helped Charlie with hosting Saturday Night Live and other things he thought he’d be scared to do.

Fist Fight starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan is now in theaters everywhere! Check out the trailer below:

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