Chat for Cheaper Deals: 4 Ways to Get Discounts from Live Chat Operators

You’re online shopping, and that annoying box pops up asking if you need to speak with a live representative – so you close the box. You just closed the box to savings! Deep discounts exist to be had if you use the chat live option. We spoke with Kyle James of who showed us three ways to save big with chat cheats.

1. Fill Your Cart First

The next step is knowing what to say. Kyle suggests trying, “Hey, is there any wiggle room in the price? This is a little bit more than I was willing to pay.” “You can continue chatting with that operator, and you can get a deal or a discount that’s better than you can get anywhere else,” insists Kyle. And what products does this work best on? Kyle lists things like computers, laptops, major appliances, and fitness equipment as some options. Those products usually have a high profit margin for the company. “So, they’re often times willing to throw you a bone to entice you to make that purchase,” reveals Kyle.

3. Have Your “Reason Why”

Now, if they don’t offer a discount right away, have your “reason why.” Check out competitor pricing, as finding lower prices elsewhere can get you a better price. Kyle explains how to approach this: “You can say, ‘Hey, I know it’s a hundred dollars cheaper over here; I love you guys, I’d rather shop with you. Is there any way you can kind of help me out and match that price?’ Even if that retailer doesn’t have a price match policy, they will lower that price. They don’t want you to click away and shop elsewhere.”

Kyle offers other good “reasons why”: “If you know the model is last season’s, there’s a good chance they want to get rid of it. Also, if the retailer doesn’t offer free shipping, but say a website like Amazon does, use that.” Also tell them if you’re a new customer, if you had a bad past customer service experience, or maybe you just missed a sale. “They will lower that price,” says Kyle. “You’ve got it in your cart, you’re ready to purchase. They don’t want to lose you.”

4. Know Which Stores Give Chat Discounts

Are you ready to put these tips to use? Feel free to try them anywhere, but here are a few retailers that Kyle has had luck getting discounts from with live chatting: American Eagle, Bass Pro, Dressbarn, Footlocker, Home Depot, J. Jill, Land’s End, LL Bean, Office Depot, Shutterfly, Sierra Trading Post and Snapfish. Who knows – they just might give you a deal, too!

Next time you see that live chat box pop up in your browser – don’t automatically click away! Chat your way to cheaper deals.

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